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What Does Alternator Bearing Replacement Cost + Is It Important?

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Hearing weird squeaky noises from the engine bay?
Are your car’s headlights lights flickering too?

If these symptoms worsen as you speed up, you might need new alternator bearings.

This small yet crucial component supports the alternator’s rotor shaft and allows the rotor to spin with minimal resistance.

Read on to explore the cost of alternator bearing replacement and discover why getting it fixed is important.

This Article Contains:

How Much Does an Alternator Bearing Replacement Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of the alternator bearing replacement cost:

A. Range

Plan to spend around $170 to $380 for replacing a bad alternator bearing. 

This includes:

Note: If the alternator housing and electrical systems are severely damaged, the mechanic will usually suggest replacing the bad alternator. That’s because the labor cost for replacing a bad bearing is roughly the same as, or close to, the costs of replacing the entire alternator for certain car makes.

B. Factors Affecting Cost 

The cost of alternator bearing replacement varies based on the car model and labor rates at your local repair shops. Some additional factors include:

  1. Bearing quality: High-performance bearing parts are more expensive but offer better resistance to water and can withstand high temperatures, speeds, and vibrations.
  1. Bearing design: There are two types of car alternator bearing designs: drive end (DE) and non-drive end (NDE). Typically, DE bearings handle higher mechanical loads and cost more. However, prices still vary based on product specifications and materials used.
  1. Bearing type: Deep groove ball bearings (used in most cars) are affordable and perform well at high speeds. Tapered roller bearings are budget-friendly and great for heavy-duty use. In contrast, angular contact ball bearings (ideal for high-speed loads) are the most expensive.
  1. Additional repairs: If other parts, like the alternator pulley, serpentine belt, battery cables, etc., are damaged, replacing them will increase the alternator repair cost.

Is It Worth Replacing Faulty Alternator Bearings?

Yes, the alternator bearing ensures the rotor shaft spins smoothly and minimizes friction within the alternator. 

If it fails, it can disrupt the car’s electric system, leading to electrical power shortages that compromise driving safety. A faulty bearing can also damage the alternator, serpentine belt, and other components run by it, resulting in costly repairs.

Don’t want to buy a new alternator?
Consider installing a remanufactured alternator with a warranty. It’s a reliable and cost-effective alternative if you’re tight on budget.

Signs You Need an Alternator Bearing Replacement

If you have failing alternator bearings, you’ll experience: 

How Long Do Alternator Bearings Last?

Alternator bearings typically last between 100,000 and 150,000 kilometers, depending on your driving habits and environmental conditions. However, their lifespan can shorten due to:

  1. Contaminant exposure: Dirt and moisture, combined with engine heat, can cause bearings to seize and fail.
  1. Drive belt tension: Overtightened or excessively loose drive belts can lead to premature bearing wear.
  1. Improper installation: Incorrectly installed replacement bearings in a rebuilt alternator can fail early.

However, you can maximize your alternator bearings’ lifespan with these tips:

How to Fix Noisy Alternator Bearings?

To fix the alternator bearing noise, you’ll have to:

  1. Disconnect the car battery.
  2. Remove the alternator belt, pulley, and wires.
  3. Remove the alternator.
  4. Disassemble the alternator housing.
  5. Remove the faulty bearing.
  6. Install the new bearings.
  7. Reinstall the alternator.

Since alternator repair involves dismantling various parts, it’s best to leave it to a mechanic.

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A car alternator bearing can fail due to normal wear, high temperatures, and contaminant exposure.

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