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Car Care 365: Tips for Seasonal Car Maintenance

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Come winter’s icy grip, or the summer’s scorching sun, perhaps the cascade of raindrops in fall and spring, your car weathers it all. 

Like many things in life, there’s seasonality to car repair.

We’ll explore how seasonal weather can wreak havoc on your car and equip you with savvy tips for vehicle maintenance, to help you navigate other Nature’s moods. 

1. Rain or Shine: Fall-Proof Your Vehicle

As the leaves start to fall and the weather shifts, roads become wetter, and days become darker. It’s a good time to service your car before winter sets in. 

Here are some tips to prep your vehicle for the unique challenges of the fall season:

People often wait until the last minute to service their vehicles before leaving town. You may end up paying more if you wait until a week prior to a major holiday to have your car checked. So, get it done in October and November to save time and money.

2. Winter Chills: How to Keep Your Ride Rolling

Winter can be brutal on your car, from the bone-chilling temperatures to treacherous, unpredictable icy roads. 
However, a few essential preparations can make all the difference:  

Also, applying winter driving techniques can help you better adapt to snowy, icy conditions. You’ll be able to tackle the cold season effectively, ensuring your safety and your vehicle’s reliability.

3. Revive and Thrive: Springtime TLC 

As winter fades, give your car some essential spring care to shrug off winter’s wear and tear:

Having your car serviced in early spring is a good idea, as summer is peak time for mechanics and body shops. With people prepping for vacations and road trips, auto shops tend to be busiest in late spring and through the summer — rates may hike during this time.

4. Hot Wheels: Beat the Summer Heat

When the mercury rises, your car will need extra care to stay cool and reliable. 
Here are some crucial summer maintenance tasks:

  1. A/C Function: Ensure your air conditioning works efficiently to beat the summer heat.
  1. Cooling System Check: With the impending heat, it becomes even more important than your radiator, and coolant keeps your engine cool.
  1. Tire Care: Hot asphalt can stress your tires. Monitor tire pressure and tread, especially for summer road trips.
  1. Battery Health: The heat can affect your battery’s performance, as cold weather does. Inspect battery connections and consider a checkup to avoid heat-related issues.
  1. Fluid Check: Regularly check fluid levels like oil, coolant, and brake fluid for optimal performance.
  1. Interior Protection: Shield your car’s interior from sun damage with shades and window tint.
  1. Exterior Protection: Park in the shade to shield your car from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Use a car cover or apply UV protection on outer surfaces to prevent fading and sun damage.

One more thing to think of:

The best time to bring your car for service is (usually) before noon on weekdays. Mechanics are busiest in the afternoon, trying to get everyone’s cars back by the end of the day. Weekends are busy, too, since most people have time to take their vehicle in on these days.

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