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Alternator Replacement Cost: Top 5 Factors You Need to Know

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From dim headlights to unusual engine stutters, a malfunctioning alternator can disrupt your everyday commute and strain your wallet.

But fear not! 
We’ll delve into the details of alternator replacement costs, warning signs to watch for, and tips to keep your car running smoothly without spending on expensive repairs.

This Article Contains:

How Much Does an Alternator Replacement Cost?

Let’s review the costs of replacing a failing alternator:

A. Range

You can expect to spend between $200 and $1200 to replace a bad alternator

This includes: 

B. Factors Affecting Costs 

The alternator repair cost varies based on your vehicle’s make and model, local labor rates, and whether you buy aftermarket, OEM parts, or a rebuilt alternator

Other factors include:

Note: Alternators aren’t typically covered by car insurance, but you can purchase one with a warranty to save costs. 

Is it Worth Replacing the Alternator?

Short answer: Yes.

The alternator is crucial for your car as it charges the battery and powers the ignition system. 

Without a functioning alternator, the battery will eventually run out of power, causing the engine to shut down. Moreover, if the alternator’s voltage regulator fails, it can overcharge the battery, risking damage to the electrical system. 

So, to prevent an alternator issue, have it replaced immediately.

Signs You Need an Alternator Replacement

Here are some symptoms of alternator failure you should look out for:

How Long Do Alternators Last? 

Alternators typically last for about 80,000 to 150,000 miles or around seven years. However, they may fail sooner due to factors like:

5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Alternator

Here’s how you can make your alternator last longer:

  1. Follow your car’s recommended maintenance schedule to identify and resolve bad battery issues promptly.
  2. If your car battery is fully drained, use a battery charger to recharge it. The alternator can’t charge a battery if the vehicle doesn’t start and isn’t built to handle such heavy loads.
  3. Protect your alternator from fluid damage by fixing coolant, power steering fluid, or oil leaks immediately.
  4. Avoid idling for long periods as it strains the alternator and drains your car battery.
  5. When charging electronic devices like mobile phones or tablets in your car, ensure you charge them one at a time to avoid overloading the alternator.

Replace Your Faulty Alternator with AutoNation Mobile Service

Alternator failure can manifest as odd engine noises, dashboard warning lights, and burning smells from the engine compartment. 

If you notice these signs, contact AutoNation Mobile Service to have a skilled mobile mechanic replace the bad alternator from your driveway.
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