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ABS Sensor Replacement Cost: Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re struggling to apply brakes and the ABS light on your dashboard is on, it might be time to swap those ancient ABS sensors for some shiny new sidekicks.

Wondering how much an ABS sensor replacement costs?

Keep reading to explore the cost of replacing an ABS sensor. We’ll also tell you why you shouldn’t ignore this replacement and some tell-tale signs of ABS sensor failure.

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How Much Does ABS Sensor Replacement Cost

Let’s explore the costs involved in replacing an ABS sensor (a.k.a wheel speed sensor):

A. Range

The average cost of ABS sensor replacement ranges from $200 to $500.

This includes:

B. Factors Affecting Cost

The cost to replace an ABS sensor depends on your vehicle’s type, local labor rates, and whether you purchase original or aftermarket sensors

Additionally, several other factors can influence the wheel speed sensor replacement costs. These include:

Is it Safe to Drive with a Faulty ABS Sensor?

No, driving with a faulty wheel speed sensor is unsafe and not advisable.

A defective ABS sensor can negatively impact other systems, such as vehicle stability and tire traction control. As a result, your braking system becomes less effective, compromising your vehicle’s safety during emergencies or adverse driving conditions.

Moreover, if your wheel sensor fails, the ABS control module won’t receive the necessary wheel speed data, causing the anti-lock braking system to deactivate. This increases the risk of the wheels locking up during braking.

Signs You Need an ABS Sensor Replacement

Here are eight warning signs that indicate you might need an ABS sensor replacement or inspection:

  1. The ABS warning light on your dashboard comes on and remains lit.
  1. Your speedometer stops working.
  1. Your anti-lock brake locks up or stops functioning.
  1. You experience loss of stability and traction control. 
  1. You notice increased stopping distances, or your vehicle starts skidding.
  1. The brake pedal pulsates or vibrates when you apply the brakes.
  1. The vehicle pulls to one side while braking.
  1. There’s a noticeable reduction in brake performance.

How Long Do ABS Sensors Last?

An ABS speed sensor usually has a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 miles. However, its durability can be affected by various factors, such as:

Does an ABS Sensor Need Programming After Replacement?

It depends on the type of sensor. Some wheel speed sensors come pre-programmed and can be installed directly. 

However, sensors linked to the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) need to be programmed. This ensures the new sensor syncs with your car’s computer according to the vehicle’s specifications.

To guarantee proper installation and programming, it’s recommended that you consult a certified mechanic or visit a car repair dealer for an ABS wheel speed sensor replacement.

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Driving with a bad wheel speed sensor makes it difficult for the ABS system to assess wheel speed accurately, compromising vehicle stability and safety. So, it’s best to check and replace them at the first sign of trouble. 

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