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How Much Does A Mobile Mechanic Cost? (+5 FAQs)

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Car repair can be tricky and expensive at times. So it’s important to invest in a reliable and trustworthy auto repair shop that caters to all your maintenance needs.

Why not try hiring a mobile mechanic
They can bring the repair to your driveway.

So the question arises, how much does a mobile mechanic cost

In this article, we will take you through the services that a mobile mechanic offers, price lists, and a few frequently asked questions

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Let’s get straight into mobile auto repair prices. 

How Much Does A Mobile Mechanic Cost

The cost of mobile mechanics is often at par (or cheaper) than auto repair shops. However, the total cost depends on several factors, including the age of your vehicle, the distance the car mechanic needs to travel, and the type of work the repair demands.

The cost of mobile auto repair also depends on whether they work for an independent repair shop or for an established dealership. 

Here is a comprehensive price list of common mobile mechanic jobs and their prices: 

JobPrice range
Air conditioning and cooling system replacement or repair $20 – $50
Oil change$35 – $150
Car inspection and routine maintenance$50 – $150
Alternator belt replacement$70 – $200
Battery replacement$45 – $250
Brake pad replacement$100-  $300
Diagnostic inspection$20 – $400
Water pump replacement$250 – $650
Starter motor replacement$150 – $1000
Timing belt/chain replacement$300 – $1000
Clutch replacement$1200 – $1400

Note: Mobile RV repair prices might cost $100-$150 more on average than a standard road car repair. 

Let’s keep learning about the cost of mobile mechanics. 

5 Mobile Mechanic FAQs 

Now that we have a general understanding of how much a mobile mechanic service costs, let’s go a bit deeper. 

Here are answers to a few common questions about mobile auto repair prices: 

1. What Do Mobile Mechanics Do?

Mobile car repair technicians do the same work as any other vehicle repair dealership.  The only difference is — they are mobile! 

Whether you’re experiencing car problems at home or at work, a mobile mechanic will come to your location, diagnose the exact problem, and perform the mobile car repair. 

A mobile car mechanic will often operate out of their own truck, van, or trailer instead of at a repair shop. This eliminates the difficult task of transporting your issue-ridden vehicle to a dealership that could be miles away. 

And while mobile technicians usually can’t perform all the jobs an auto repair shop can, they are reliable and will undoubtedly get car owners back on the road. 

A typical mobile mechanic service includes: 

They can even provide you with gas help if you need it.  

2. What Is The Average Salary Of A Mobile Mechanic? 

As with any career or job, the salary of a mobile mechanic business depends on various factors like location, reputation, experience, what the repair demands are, and the worker’s skill. 

Mobile auto mechanics with a lot of mobile mechanic business experience and skills will get higher mechanic labor costs than someone new to the industry.  

As of 2020, the average base salary for a mobile mechanic in the United States is around $52,000. The best mobile mechanic, with over 8 years of experience, will generally earn around $61,000+ per year

3. What Other Factors Affect The Cost Of A Mobile Mechanic?

Generally, the average cost of a mobile mechanic service depends on the length of the vehicle repair job plus the average “per hour” labor costs. These mechanic labor costs usually sit between $75 – $160 per hour. 

So why such a big variance? 

These labor costs are separated from the salary that mobile mechanics will earn if they work for a company. Here are a few factors that will influence the price of a mechanic: 

The experience, reputation, and certifications will further influence the cost of an auto mechanic. 

4. What Are The Benefits Of A Mobile Mechanic?

There are many benefits that come with hiring a mobile mechanic that a car repair shop cannot provide: 

5. Should I Prefer A Mobile Mechanic To An Auto Repair Shop? 

Mobile mechanics clearly come with a lot of benefits. It’s important to know, however, that they do add an extra service fee that a repair shop normally wouldn’t charge. 

Auto repair shop customers who use mobile mechanics will save in the long run as towing service and winching service fees will not be needed. 

On top of that, mobile mechanics make repair work proactive, meaning that auto repair customers will save in the long run. 

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