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What Does Maintenance Minder Code A12 Mean?

Any Honda Motor Company vehicle, like the Honda Civic or Honda Accord, will eventually display a yellow wrench accompanied by the “A12” code on your dashboard. 

What does this mean?
The A12 code is a handy maintenance reminder indicating what service your Honda vehicle needs. You can thank your Honda’s maintenance minder system for this helpful hint. 

It’s important to know that each symbol (A) and number (1) (2) of the code means different things.

Here’s how to decode it:

  • 1 = Rotate your tires and verify the correct tire pressure and condition.
  • 2 = Replace your air cleaner element, inspect the drive belt, and replace the dust and pollen filter.

Your vehicle is due for an engine oil replacement, and you need to check your tires, other car filters, and drive belts.

How Do You Fix a Honda Service A12 Code?

Here’s what possible repairs are necessary when dealing with the A12 maintenance minder:

1. Engine Oil and Filter Change

This Honda A12 service removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants when changing your engine oil.

2. Tire Rotation

Tires may wear unevenly due to excessive use and hard-driving, leading to poor performance of your Honda model. Rotating your tires can maintain tire balance across every wheel, thus improving your Honda vehicle’s drive quality. 

This is a popular task when dealing with the Honda service A12 to ensure your tires last longer.

3. Replacing Your Engine Air Filter

This air filter helps prevent dirt particles from entering your engine while allowing oxygen from the atmosphere to enter your engine while driving. The cabin air filter keeps pollutants out of your cabin. 

When Should You Get a Honda A12 Service?

Your maintenance minder schedule will let you know when. But here are a few milestones to remember:

  • Do an oil filter change every 7,500 miles or 12 months (under normal driving conditions). However, Canadian drivers experiencing severe driving conditions should replace their Honda’s oil and filter every 3,750 miles or six months. 
  • Perform a tire rotation service every 7,500 miles.
  • Change your air cleaner element every two years or 30,000 miles — whichever comes first. 
  • Replace your pollen filter (prevents airborne contaminants from entering your engine or cabin) annually. 

Now let’s discover what else your maintenance minder can display.

Symptoms that Accompany A12

Your Honda’s maintenance minder system might display the following additional signs on your dashboard:

  • Oil Life = Oil depletion warning signs will show around 15%. It estimates how long you have until you run out of oil. 
  • Wrench = Your Honda might also display a yellow wrench on the dashboard to encourage you to visit a service center. The wrench corresponds to the code shown, in this case, the A12. This’ll help you decide whether you can handle the maintenance yourself or need a mechanic

Your maintenance minder system is beneficial because:

  • You can regularly service your car
  • You save money by only paying when needed
  • You protect the environment by reducing unnecessary waste of natural resources (oil)

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