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Symptoms of a failing Right Engine Mount


I don't think you need me to spell this one out for you. You just learned that engine mounts serve to reduce vibrations in the car. So, what do you think might happen when the mounts stop doing their job? Yup, you guessed it. You’re going to feel vibrations. If your right engine mount starts to go out, it may feel like one of those old school wooden roller coasters. Those roller coasters are fun. Your car driving like one is not so fun. Hopefully, I don’t need to tell you that something’s wrong with your car if you’re feeling unusual vibrations.

Clunking noise

Here’s another thing I shouldn’t need to tell you: If your car is making funny noises, something is probably wrong. A busted right engine mount will usually result in some pretty funny noises coming from your car. The first noise will likely be a bit of a rattling sound. That happens when the mount is first wearing out, and the engine is a little loose. After that, you’ll hear a loud clunking noise when you put the car in gear. Eventually, that clunking noise will become more common, and show up when you hit the gas, hit the brakes, or drive over potholes and speed bumps. Here’s some general advice. When your car talks, listen to it.


And now for a third and final piece of advice that you shouldn’t need: Leaks from your car are bad. Many modern cars use engine mounts that are filled with liquid, because that makes for a stronger absorption of vibration. When these mounts are broken, the liquid will spill out, and you’ll have a leak. There are a lot of things that can lead to a leak in your car, and truthfully, a broken engine mount is one of the most rare. But it can happen.

How urgent is a Right Engine Mount replacement?

Pretty darn urgent.

Here’s the thing though. When the mount is just beginning to wear out, it’s safe to drive the car a short distance. A short distance…to go get it replaced.

If the right engine mount is fully broken? Don’t drive a mile. Don’t drive an inch. Don’t turn the car on. Put the keys back in your pocket, and call for your car to be towed.

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