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All You Need to Know About Emergency Brake Repair Cost

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A faulty emergency brake could have your parked car taking a downhill joyride without you. And if you’re worried about the emergency brake repair cost, relax—we’ve got all the information you need.   

Read on to find out the cost of repairing the emergency brake, why you shouldn’t attempt it yourself, and the red flags of a broken one.

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How Much Does an Emergency Brake Repair Cost?

Here are the costs involved in an emergency brake repair:

A. Range

The average emergency or parking brake repair costs between $160 to $650 at an auto repair shop.

This includes:

B. Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of emergency brake replacement can depend on your vehicle’s make and model and the local labor rate

Other factors that can affect your costs include:

Is it Safe to Drive with a Malfunctioning Emergency Brake?

No, it’s dangerous to drive with a broken emergency brake. 

The emergency brake keeps your parked vehicle stationary, especially on slopes or uneven surfaces. Without it, your car could roll away if the primary brakes are compromised or the vehicle is improperly left in gear (in manual transmissions).

Additionally, in states like Virginia, a non-functioning emergency brake will fail vehicle safety inspections, and driving without it could violate road safety regulations.

Signs You Need an Emergency Brake Repair

Here are the red flags that indicate you should check your emergency brake system ASAP:

  1. Emergency brake doesn’t hold the vehicle in place when engaged, especially on a slope.
  2. The emergency brake handle feels loose or overtightened. 
  3. The parking brake lever travels too far or requires more force than usual to engage. 
  4. Parking brake creates more than 10 clicks, indicating worn-out rear brakes.
  5. The brake warning light comes on.

How Long Does an Emergency Brake Last? 

Generally, the emergency brake is expected to last as long as your vehicle.

However, some emergency brake parts can wear out sooner. For example, your parking brake shoe may last around 50,000 miles under normal usage.

Wondering what hastens emergency brake wear?
Bad driving habits, such as driving with the emergency brake engaged or using the parking brake to stop the vehicle, can affect its longevity.

How Is an Emergency Brake Different from a Service Brake?

Service brakes are hydraulically operated, which helps in deceleration and stopping while driving. 

Meanwhile, the emergency brake is usually a mechanical system operated by a parking brake lever and cable connected to the braking mechanism. It keeps the vehicle stationary when parked but can also serve as a backup braking system in case of service brake failure. 

Can I Replace the Emergency Brake Myself?

Although possible, it’s risky to attempt an emergency brake replacement yourself. 

A faulty installation could lead to emergency brake failure, leaving your vehicle unsecured during parking or emergencies. In some regions, it can also void your warranty or insurance coverage.

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