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Tire Valve Stem Replacement: Symptoms, Method & Costs

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Your tire valve stem is attached to your vehicle’s tire and is from where the tire is inflated. 

The valve stem has a spring-loaded valve core that seals itself using the air pressure from the tire. As these valves become damaged, they begin to leak air — meaning you’ll need a tire valve stem replacement.

In this article, we’ll show you how to replace a tire valve stem. We’ll also look at valve stem types, how to tell if you have a leaky valve stem and if you can drive with one, the causes of valve stem damage, and replacement costs.

This Article Contains:

Let’s get started.

What Are The Different Types Of Tire Valve Stems?

Valve stems serve the simple purpose of being an airway for tire inflation, but they do come in different varieties. If you’re looking to do a valve stem replacement, you’ll want to know what types there are.

Here are some types of valve stems:

Now let’s see how a valve stem replacement is done.

13 Steps To A Valve Stem Replacement

You can perform a tire valve stem replacement at home as a DIY repair job. But, separating the tire bead from your wheel is difficult to do by yourself.

Instead, it’s best to let professional mechanics or tire dealers handle the repair. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself or doing more damage to your tire.

With that said, what tools do you need to perform a valve stem replacement?

You’ll need:

So, here’s how to perform a valve stem replacement:

  1. First, find the tire that has a defective valve stem.
  1. Loosen the lug nuts of the wheel that needs a new valve stem.
  1. Then, using a jack, raise your vehicle onto jack stands.
  1. Completely unscrew the lug nuts and remove the wheel from your vehicle.
  1. Set your tire on the ground with the valve stem facing upwards.
  1. Remove the valve stem cap. Then, using the valve stem tool (valve core tool), remove the old core from the uncapped valve stem to release air, reducing your tire pressure.
  1. Using a tire iron, separate the tire’s bead from the wheel. Next, use a sledgehammer to break the tire’s bead free from the wheel.
  1. Work the tire iron around the edge of the wheel until your tire is completely free of the wheel.
  1. Remove the tire from the wheel.
  1. Take your new valve stem and insert it into the tire from the inside. Use needle nose pliers to pull your new tire valve stem into place.
  1. Reinstall your tire onto the wheel by letting the rubber snap over the edge of the wheel.
  1. Using an air compressor, increase the air pressure and inflate the tire.
  1. Reinstall the wheel onto your vehicle and secure the lug nuts.

Note: Installing a replacement valve stem is not always possible. Sometimes you will have to get an entirely new tire.

You now understand how to replace a leaky valve stem. Let’s look at some possible causes.

What Causes Valve Stem Damage?

These are some common causes of a defective valve stem:

How do you know if your valve stem is leaking air?

Symptoms Of A Leaky Valve Stem

A slow leak and a broken valve stem can be difficult to spot

Luckily, most modern vehicles have a tire pressure monitoring system. Your tire pressure monitoring system will alert you if your tire’s air pressure is too low. If you keep getting a flat tire but can’t see any visible damage, your valve stem could be the culprit. 

To test it, pour some soapy water onto your valve stem. If you see tiny bubbles coming from the tip of the stem, it needs replacing.

Alternatively, the tiny bubbles could come from the base of your tire valve stem — also indicating a problem.

Now, let’s look at some possible causes.

At this point, you may wonder if driving is an option with a damaged valve stem. 

Can I Still Drive If I Need A Valve Stem Replacement?

If you have a leaky valve stem, you’ll have a slow leak that is difficult to spot. A tire leak can be hazardous while driving. You run the risk of a blowout, which could cause you to lose control while driving.

If you have a defective valve stem, head to a professional tire shop ASAP, or get a mobile mechanic to drop by your driveway and help you out.

Alternatively, if you have a tire leak, you could remove your flat tire and replace it with your spare tire. But you’d probably still want the damaged valve stem on the main tire fixed. 

Let’s see how a valve stem replacement is done.

Let’s find out about costs.

How Much Does A Valve Stem Replacement Cost?

Here’s an estimate of how much a tire valve stem replacement will cost:

Note: The prices above exclude labor charges which may vary depending on the tire shop.

Final Thoughts

Your valve stem is an integral part of your tire. If you have a broken valve stem, you risk a blowout, which is incredibly dangerous. A valve stem replacement can be done as a DIY job —  just make sure you have the right tools and technique. 

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