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P06DD: Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck Off

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What is P06DD?

P06DD is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) defined as “Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck Off.”

This trouble code means that your vehicle’s engine oil pressure sensor is signaling the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that the oil pressure is too low — and affecting the dual stage oil pump.

Your engine oil pump comprises seven vanes and a moving element to adjust and maintain the oil pressure supply continuously. The oil pump works in two regulated pressure stages controlled by an on/off solenoid.

Under typical conditions, these stages are:

  • Low mode or low pressure mode regulation (when the solenoid is on): 200 kPa (29 psi)
  • High mode or high pressure mode regulation (when the solenoid is off): 450 kPa (65 psi)

The Powertrain Control Module of your vehicle switches between the two regulated pressure stages based on the engine operating conditions, oil and coolant temperature, and engine speed and load. At the same time, a relief valve limits the maximum oil pressure to 1000 kPa (145 psi).

The oil pressure sensor is attached to the rear of the oil filter module, and helps monitor the pressure in the main oil gallery via diagnostic equipment. The minimum pressure for the engine, under all engine operating conditions, is 41 kPa (6 psi).

If the oil pressure sensor reports that the engine oil pressure is low (when there should be higher oil pressure) or if the oil pump face is damaged, the PCM tries to minimize engine wear by turning off the oil pump drive and setting the P06DD code. 

Common symptoms

One of the first signs of a possible P06DD error code is an illuminated or flashing Check Engine Light.

In addition to the engine light, you may experience one or more of these signs:

  • Lack of power 
  • Rough idling 
  • Engine stalling 
  • Excessive vibration and noise from the engine 
  • Loss of oil pressure

Can I still drive?

No. Driving with an active P06DD code and an illuminated engine light isn’t recommended.

This code is related to low oil pressure, which, if left undiagnosed, could potentially damage critical moving parts of your engine. For example, a low oil level could lead to your engine pistons or cylinders seizing, which will stop the vehicle from running.

So, when you see your Check Engine Light on or the light flashing, it’s best to contact an auto repair shop to get the registered code diagnosed and fixed.

P06DD causes

Here are the potential causes that could trigger code P06DD on your vehicle:

  • Low oil level 
  • Dirty engine oil (could lead to low oil pressure if not changed at required miles) 
  • Low oil pressure detected on the oil pressure gauge
  • Faulty engine oil pressure sensor
  • Damaged oil pressure sensor harness 
  • Short or open oil pressure sensor circuit 
  • Faulty oil pump


Diagnosing the P06DD trouble code requires a thorough inspection of different engine parts that ensure a regulated oil pressure supply. If you’re not confident doing it yourself, it’s best to leave the job to a certified mechanic.

Here’s how a technician will diagnose code P06DD: 

Step 1. Check For Active DTC Code

They’ll use an OBD-II scan tool to verify that your vehicle has registered code P06DD for not maintaining minimum pressure. They’ll also check for any additional code.

If the P06DD is accompanied by related check engine codes such as P0520, P0521, P0522, P0523, or P06DA, they’ll address them first.

They’ll clear the code and test drive the vehicle to see if the P06DD code returns.

Step 2. Check Engine Oil

If code P06DD returns, the mechanic will check for a low oil level. This condition may prevent regulated oil pressure supply at different operating stages and threaten any critical moving part.

They’ll ensure that your vehicle uses an OEM-specified oil filter (like the MOPAR filter). In addition to checking for an incorrect oil filter, they’ll see if your car has:

They’ll look for any mechanical condition that may be causing the code, such as:

  • Oil drain back
  • Oil sludge

Additionally, they’ll check the oil change frequency to ensure that the oil was changed at required intervals and miles.

If the code still returns, they’ll proceed to check the oil pump.

Step 3. Inspect The Dual Stage Oil Pump

If the engine oil and the oil filter are fine, they’ll inspect the oil pump assembly, which includes the oil pump and the solenoid.

If the oil pump or the solenoid is faulty, they’ll need to perform an oil pump replacement. This involves replacing the entire oil pump assembly as it doesn’t contain any serviceable sub-parts.

Before that, they’ll inspect the oil pressure sensor as well as the oil pressure sensor harness for any broken or bent pins. They’ll also inspect for an open or short oil pressure sensor circuit.

If required, they’ll replace the faulty oil pressure sensor, turn on the ignition, and check if the DTC returns. If it does, they’ll proceed with the oil pump replacement and perform the powertrain verification test. 

Possible repairs for P06DD & Costs

Fixing code P06DD begins with an hour of diagnostic time, costing anywhere between $75 and $150 per hour as labor charges. These rates can vary based on your location and vehicle make and model.

The mechanic may suggest one or more required repairs based on the diagnosis, like changing an incorrect oil filter or topping up the oil level.

Here are the average cost estimates of some of the P06DD related repairs (including part cost and labor charges): 

  • Oil change and oil filter change: $35 to $75 (a MOPAR filter could cost $12-$30)
  • Valve cover gasket replacement: $110 to $340
  • Replacing faulty oil pressure sensor: $80 to $160
  • Replacing the engine oil pump assembly: $300 and $2500   

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