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Wheel Bearing Replacement in Dallas, TX

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Wheel Bearing Replacement Dallas, TX

From enjoying a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium to going out with friends for an afternoon of great food at the Dallas Farmers Market, no matter where you want to go, a reliable, well-maintained vehicle is a key part of living the Texas lifestyle. 

Since Dallas drivers are always on the move, proper vehicle maintenance and handling repair issues sometimes go by the wayside. 

Need help with replacing a worn or faulty wheel bearing? 

Thanks to smart, transparent technology, there’s a better way for Dallas vehicle owners to get the auto repair services they need (without ever stepping into a service center or repair shop). AutoNation Mobile Service is the leading mobile mechanic service, and we’re available for busy Dallas, Texas, vehicle owners who want to get some of their valuable time back. 

We’ll get a mobile mechanic to you in Dallas for any wheel bearing problem, any day of the week.

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AutoNation Mobile Service offers convenient, at-home auto repair and maintenance services, upfront prices before booking, and five-star quality service, all at an affordable price. We stand behind our work with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

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Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms

  • Wobble in the wheels
  • Humming, squealing, clicking, or growling noise from wheels
  • ABS failure
  • Vehicle pulling to one side
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • Play in the steering wheel

Common Wheel Bearing Repair

Wheel bearing replacement

Wheel bearings are steel balls or tapered bearings that roll around a metal casing. They’re located between your drive axle and brake discs. Replacing faulty wheel bearings ensures your wheels turn smoothly with minimal friction.

Dallas Wheel Bearing Replacement FAQs

1. How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Once you select the service you need, AutoNation Mobile Service will help you find a date and time that works with your schedule. 

2. What Should I Expect From a Service Appointment?

Your first appointment with AutoNation Mobile Service is easy. We’ll let you know when we arrive, do a brief assessment of the problem, and set up a location to work on your car, truck, van, or SUV. Once we’ve completed the repair, we’ll let you know, go over any details from the service, collect payment, and be on our way. It’s that simple.

3. How Often Should I Replace My Car’s Wheel Bearings?

Generally, wheel bearings can last anywhere from 85,000-100,000 miles. How long your wheel bearings last depends on several factors — including your vehicle’s make, the quality of your wheel bearings, driving habits, the quality of lubrication used, etc. 

Also, you must only replace the damaged wheel bearing in most cases. 

4. What Makes a Wheel Bearing Wear Out?

Wheel bearings are vulnerable to potholes, speed bumps, and curbs. Any large force of pressure can cause damage to them. 

Additionally, if any road salt, mud, water, or sand makes its way past the seals and into the wheel bearings, it hampers with the bearing grease. This causes the bearings to wear down quickly, ultimately leading to premature failure.

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