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What Does Honda Maintenance Code A127 Mean?

Honda vehicles have a high-tech maintenance reminder that detects when you hit a specific mileage or enough time has passed, then offers insight into what routine maintenance service your car needs.

Here’s what the A127 service code means:

The maintenance reminder is the same on every Honda Motor Company vehicle. However, the time it displays may depend on your vehicle model, driving habits, and what oil you use.

How Do You Fix a Honda Maintenance Code A127?

1. Change Your Oil

Engine oil ensures everything can run smoothly. Oil levels can deplete over time as you use your vehicle, even more so if you drive hard or there’s a leak. Low oil levels could spell disaster as it causes your engine to overheat and parts to wear down faster. 

You’ll need to drain the old oil before a replacement to ensure optimal engine performance on your Honda. 

2. Rotate Your Tires

The driving force isn’t distributed evenly on your tires. That’s why rotating them ensures they get used equally— making them last a long time. In addition, it saves you money when you avoid buying new tires prematurely. 

3. Replace Your Filters

Your engine air filter ensures no harmful dirt or debris enters your engine. And your cabin filter keeps the air inside your vehicle clean. 

Malfunctioning air or cabin filters can increase fuel consumption and lower gas mileage since any blockage can force certain Honda vehicle parts to work harder. 

4. Flush Your Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is what keeps your braking system in good condition. It ensures your brakes stop your Honda when you press down on the brake pedal.

A brake fluid change provides the best lubrication for your brakes.

When Should You Get a Honda A127 Service?

When your maintenance minder system tells you to, but generally:

  • Change your fluid every 7,500-10,000 miles
  • Rotate your Honda’s tires every 7,500 miles 
  • Check the filters once a year, around 15,000 to 30,000 miles 
  • Flush your brake fluid every 2 years or 30,000 miles

To extend your Honda’s life, you should avoid:

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