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Honda B17 Service

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What Does the Honda B17 Service Mean?

The B17 is a regular maintenance service code for Honda vehicles. The Maintenance Minder triggers this code when it’s time for the following:

  • 1: Tire rotation, tire pressure and condition check
  • 7: Brake fluid change

How to Fix a Honda B17 Service Code?

1. Keep Your Engine Young with Fresh Oil and a New Filter

A motor oil change as per the maintenance schedule will prolong your engine’s life. Engine oil gets contaminated with time and thickens, losing its lubricating and cooling effectiveness. This is signaled by an oil life indicator on Honda cars.

You’ll also need to change the oil filter as it can get clogged with impurities, reducing the oil supply to the engine.

Bad oil and oil starvation will both lead to engine damage through overheating and increased frictional wear.

2. Rotate Tires to Make Them Last Longer

Rotating your Honda’s tires will help them wear out evenly, extending their mileage. You should also check the air pressure and tread depth of the tires as per the maintenance schedule.

3. Replace Brake Fluid for a Safe Drive 

Bad brake fluid reduces the braking ability of your car. It deteriorates with time due to:

  • Moisture absorption
  • Contamination by debris
  • The heat generated in the system

Replacing the old brake fluid is also necessary for the ABS and traction control system to work effectively on Honda vehicles.

4. Get a General Inspection Done for Your Honda

This will ensure the major systems of your vehicle function properly and fix any problems with them. The routine maintenance exercise will include checking the:

When to Get a Honda B17 Service?

The Maintenance Minder system — whether on a Honda Accord, Honda CR V, or another Honda model — will let you know when it’s time for the B17 service through a dashboard message. However, it’d be better to know when to expect this service code to plan your Honda’s routine maintenance.

Here’re the typical time intervals or mileages for the following services on Honda cars:

  • Engine oil and oil filter change: 5,000-7,500 miles
  • Tire rotation: 5,000-7,500 miles
  • Brake fluid change: 2-3 years or 30,000-45,000 miles

Get a Honda Service from AutoNation Mobile Service

The Honda B17 service comprises regular maintenance activities to keep your Honda Accord or Honda CR V running strong for years. Get it done whenever the code appears on your Honda vehicle’s dashboard to avoid expensive repairs later.

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