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Acura B12 Service

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What Does Acura B12 Service Mean?

The Honda Acura B12 service light is an alert provided by your Maintenance Minder system — which lets you know that your Honda vehicle requires specific routine maintenance

The B12 service code means:

  • B = Change engine oil and oil filter, inspect front and rear brakes, check parking brake adjustment, and other inspections
  • 1 = Rotate the tires, check tire pressure and condition 
  • 2 = Replace dust/pollen filter, check drive belt, replace air filter and cabin air filter element

This service code appears on most Honda Motor Company cars – including several Honda Acura models.

How Do You Fix an Acura B12 Service Code?

1. Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter for Effective Lubrication

Engine oil is vital for the proper functioning of your vehicle’s motor. Over time, engine oil becomes contaminated and may not provide adequate lubrication to your engine

Performing an engine oil and oil filter change helps ensure the engine operates smoothly and efficiently, reducing friction and wear.

2. Do Tire Rotation for Enhanced Handling

Tire rotation involves changing the position of each tire on your Acura model

Why do you need a tire rotation?
Uneven wear can lead to reduced tire lifespan, compromised traction, poor handling, and safety risks.

A tire rotation promotes balanced tire wear, extending tire life, improving traction, and preventing costly repair down the road.

3.  Get a Brake Inspection for Improved Safety

A brake inspection helps assess your braking system for any underlying issues. This process involves checking various components, such as brake fluid, front and rear brakes, and parking brake, for any problems.

Promptly addressing brake issues and topping up the brake fluid can prevent brake failure and maintain reliable stopping power, which is crucial for your safety.

4. Perform a Mechanical Inspection to Prevent Issues

The mechanical inspection involves a comprehensive check of various Acura parts to identify potential mechanical issues and prevent breakdowns.

Here are some maintenance tasks that a Honda mechanic may perform:

  • Inspection of fluid levels and condition (power steering fluid, transmission fluid, etc.)
  • Examination of filters (air filter, cabin filter, dust filter, etc.)
  • Inspection of the drive belt
  • Assessment of all lights and accessories

When Should You Get an Acura B12 Service?

The Acura maintenance minder will send service codes when you need the B12 service. Generally, cars should get a tire rotation, oil change, brake, and mechanical inspection every 5,000-7,500 miles.

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