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What Does Acura A16 Service Mean?

The Acura A16 service code is a part of the maintenance minder system found on several Honda models, including the Acura MDX and ILX. Rather than the owners manual telling you when to service your vehicle, the Acura maintenance system uses the onboard computer to track several functions, including the cars mileage, motor oil levels, and engine operating conditions

There are two main parts of the Acura maintenance codes (A and B) and sub-codes (1-6), each indicating maintenance check ups due. The Acura A16 service code means:

Acura codes also depend on your driving conditions and patterns (city driving, long distance, etc.) to provide accurate tire rotation, rear differential fluid, and oil service dates

So when you receive an Acura service alert, it’s time to schedule service and contact a mechanic as soon as possible.

How to Fix an Acura A16 Service Code?

1. Replace Your Engine Oil

Engine oil reduces the engine temperature and lubricates its moving parts to decrease friction and promote ideal engine operating conditions.   

But a constant high engine temperature environment can cause the engine oil to deteriorate over time —  becoming thicker and losing its ability to protect the engine parts. So an engine oil change is necessary. 

2. Rotate Your Tires 

Your wheels turn while driving, don’t they? So why rotate them more?
Actually, rotating your tires isn’t the same as turning them.

This refers to repositioning each tire — either moving the front wheels to the back (and the back wheels to the front) or switching the left and right tires. It’s part of any car’s essential service needs. Rotating your tires ensures even tire wear and maximizes the tread’s lifespan

3. Replace Your Rear Differential Fluid

The differential system helps your car turn smoothly by distributing power to each wheel. It allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds, providing control. 

So why does it require fluid?
The differential consists of gears, clutch packs, and bearings that require lubrication. In addition, differential fluid also keeps the differential system cool.  

When to Get an Acura A16 Service?

Your Acura maintenance minder will alert you, but based on your cars mileage, here are some distances to keep in mind:

  • Oil replacement: Around 3000 miles 
  • Tire rotation: Every 5000-7,500 miles
  • Differential fluid replacement: Every 30,000-50,000 miles

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The Acura maintenance minder system provides you with accurate routine maintenance reminders to ensure your car is safe and in optimal condition. 

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