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Acura A123 Service

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What Does Acura A123 Service Mean?

Many Acura cars have maintenance minder systems that track your vehicle use and driving conditions and notify you when your Acura service is due. 

The A123 service code means:

  • A = Replace engine oil
  • 1 = Tire rotation 
  • 2 = Replace dust/pollen filter, check drive belt, replace air filters, air cleaner element
  • 3 = Replace transmission and transfer fluid 

The A-code points to an engine oil change, while the subcodes (1, 2, & 3) indicate additional maintenance on various other car parts

Essentially, the maintenance minder tracks engine oil levels starting at 100% and decreasing over time. You’ll receive the A-code alert when it’s the optimal time to get an engine oil change

How to Fix an Acura A123 Service Code?

1. Replace Your Engine Oil 

There are several benefits of an engine oil change, including improved performance, a longer-lasting engine, and better fuel efficiency. In addition, it’s also a necessary part of your routine maintenance to avoid engine overheating and seizing. 

2. Rotate Your Tires 

Rotating a tire means swapping its position. The pattern you use to rotate your tires depends on the variation in tire size and whether your car is front, rear, or four-wheel drive. 

Why is tire rotation important?
Each tire experiences friction in different areas, so they wear unevenly. Rotating them ensures even tire wear, leaving them in better condition for longer. 

3. Replace Your Dust/Pollen Filter  

Your dust filter prevents several kinds of debris (dust, pollen, fumes) from entering. You should replace a clogged filter to keep your cabin air in fresh condition. 

4. Check the Drive Belt

The drive belt is an essential component for running multiple parts of your car, including the power steering, water pump, and alternator. It connects various accessories, so you can only imagine the issues you have if it breaks! 

5. Replace the Air Filters (Air Cleaner Element)

If you want a healthy engine, you need to be diligent about replacing each air filter. Your air filter prevents debris from entering the engine and ensures an appropriate mix of oxygen and fuel (crucial for combustion). 

6. Replace the Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid lubricates the components inside the transmission, controls transmission temperatures, and prevents wear and tear. So replacing the transmission fluid is essential for your car’s transmission and functioning. 

7. Replace the Transfer Fluid

The transfer case splits the power from your transmission between the rear and front wheels. 

Inside, the transfer case fluid helps lubricate and cool the internal components of the transmission for optimal performance. But over time, the fluid loses its ability to provide lubrication and needs replacing.

When Should You Get an Acura A123 Service?

While you should always get an Acura service when you receive dashboard notifications, here are some general time frames to consider for the different parts:

  • Replacing engine oil and checking drive belts: Around 3,000 miles
  • Rotating tires: Between 5,000-8,000 miles 
  • Replacing dust and air filter: Between 12,000-15,000 miles
  • Replacing the transmission and transfer fluid: From about 30,000 miles

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