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What Does the A123 Honda Service Code Mean?

The A123 service code comes up on your Honda vehicle’s dashboard along with a “Service Due Soon” warning light, indicating:

A: Engine oil change
1: Tire rotation, tire pressure, and overall condition check
2: Air cleaner element and dust and pollen filter replacement, drive belt inspection
3: Transmission fluid and transfer case fluid (if applicable) change

How to Fix an A123 Honda Service Code?

1. Get an Engine Oil Change for Better Performance

The A123 service code on your Honda Civic or Honda Accord is accompanied by an oil life indicator warning. This Maintenance Minder warning comes up on Honda vehicles when the oil life reaches 15%.

You’ll need to change the motor oil for adequate engine lubrication, without which it’ll overheat and get damaged.

2. Rotate Tires to Make Them Last Longer

Rotating tires can protect them from uneven wear and extend their life. You’ll also have to check the tire pressure and tread depth to ensure they’re in top shape.

3. Replace the Air Filters to Let Your Engine and Yourself Breathe Freely

You’ll have to change the clogged air cleaner element (engine air filter) so that enough air enters the engine to avoid misfiring and low fuel economy.

Similarly, a clogged dust and pollen filter (cabin air filter) will restrict the airflow through the air conditioner vents. It can also result in an unpleasant odor inside the car.

4. Inspect the Drive Belt to Keep Your Honda Running Reliably

The drive belt (serpentine belt) on your Honda vehicle should be in perfect condition as the following are powered through it:

 If the drive belt breaks, these components will also stop working.

5. Change the Transmission Fluid for Smoother Shifts

Transmission fluid contaminated with debris provides reduced lubrication and keeps your Honda’s transmission from shifting smoothly. You’ll also need to change the transfer case fluid if your car has an all-wheel drive capability.

When Should You Get an A123 Honda Service?

The Honda Motor Company uses the Maintenance Minder system to display the A123 code on the dashboard when it’s time for this routine service. But, it’s helpful to know in advance which maintenance activity your vehicle may require.

Here are the approximate mileages for various services:

  • Oil change, tire rotation: 5,000-7,500 miles
  • Air cleaner element and cabin air filter replacement: 15,000-30,000 miles
  • Transmission fluid change: 50,000-100,000 miles

The exact mileage after which your Honda CR V or Honda Accord may require a given service depends on the driving conditions, varying among Honda vehicles.

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The A123 code informs you about the services your Honda vehicle requires as per its maintenance schedule. The A123 service is crucial for your Honda to run smoothly and avoid costly repairs later.

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