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Symptoms of a failing Throttle Body

Failing performance

Okay Einstein let’s see how smart you really are. If your throttle body helps control the gas pedal’s efficacy, then what exactly do you think happens when the throttle body has a sick day? If you guessed “your engine will struggle,” then you’re right. Without the proper air and fuel being sent to your engine, your car won’t perform the way you want it to. That may mean slower acceleration, jerkiness, or a lot of hesitation.

Bumpy idle

Massages are cool and all, but your car definitely shouldn’t be giving you one. Unless you have one of those fancy cars with a built-in massage feature. If your throttle body is failing, the car may shake a bit when it’s idling. Don’t fall for the massage trap! It’s a sign that something is wrong. If the throttle body is really having issues, then the car may even stall when idling, and that’s not fun. Trust me on that one. You don’t need to find out the hard way.

Check engine warning light is on

Would you look at that? Your car is communicating with you! I know you don’t really like to pay attention to your check engine warning light since you probably think it’s not very important. Well it is. All the warning lights are. They can save you a lot of hassle, and a huge amount of money. In addition to the check engine light, if your throttle body is failing, you might also see a “reduced power” indicator light illuminate.

Limp home mode

If your throttle body really is having issues, your car might go into “limp home mode.” It will let you know this with - yes, another - indicator light on your dashboard. Limp home mode is when the car wants to save you from causing further damage, so it limits the speed at which you can drive and tells you to drive on home. And when you get home, don’t try to drive it again until you get it fixed.

How urgent is a Throttle Body replacement?

That depends. Does a car that doesn’t drive well, potentially stalls, and might limit your speed sound fun to you? No? Okay then. Get your throttle body replaced asap.

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