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How to Perform Window Motor Replacement: A 7-Step Guide

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Is your driver or passenger window getting stuck or moving with difficulty?
This could be a sign that your window motor is failing.

So, how do you replace a faulty window motor?

Don’t worry!
We’ll cover the steps involved in window motor replacement to give you a clear understanding of the process. We’ll also break down the power window repair costs so you can breathe easy knowing what to expect.

Let’s get started!

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How to Replace a Window Motor Step-By-Step

If you’re unsure about the window motor replacement process or don’t have the necessary tools and skills, it’s best to seek help from skilled technicians or mechanics

To replace a power window motor, your mechanic will use the following tools:

Now, let’s explore how a mechanic will replace your window motor.

Step 1: Prepare Your Vehicle

The mechanic will park your car in a safe, well-lit area and ensure the ignition is turned off.

They’ll disconnect the car battery to prevent any electrical accidents that could occur during the replacement process.

Step 2: Remove the Door Panel

The mechanic will use a trim panel removal tool to detach the trim and mounting bolts holding the door panel (door card) and the interior door handle.

They’ll carefully raise the inner door panel from the bottom, working their way upward, while being cautious of any wires connected to the panel, such as those for power window controls or door locks. 

Step 3: Disconnect Electrical Connections and Remove the Water Shield

Once the interior door panel is loosened, they’ll disconnect any electrical connectors, including the power window switch.

They’ll peel away the water shield (plastic sheet placed behind the inner door panel) to access the window motor. They’ll ensure not to damage it (as it has to be reinstalled later). 

Step 4: Locate and Remove the Old Window Motor

The mechanic will locate the power window motor, which is typically bolted to the door frame and connected to the window regulator.

They’ll disconnect the motor’s electrical connector and remove the mounting bolts or screws securing it to the door frame and window regulator. Then, they’ll carefully remove the old motor from the door.

Step 5: Install the New Window Motor

They’ll swap the old motor with a new motor and secure the replacement motor in place with mounting bolts or screws. They’ll reconnect the electrical connectors.

Step 6: Reassemble the Door

The mechanic will reinstall the water shield, ensuring it’s properly sealed to prevent moisture from entering the new motor. They’ll also reconnect the power window switch and door lock mechanism.

Next, they’ll align the interior door panel to the door frame and put it back into place by securely fastening the clip and bolt. They’ll also reattach parts like the door handle and trim panel pieces that were removed earlier.

Step 7: Final Testing

The mechanic will perform the final checks by reconnecting the car battery to test the new electric window motor. 

They’ll test the electric window motor operation several times to ensure it’s working smoothly and that your front and rear window moves up and down without obstruction. 

So, how much is this service going to cost?
Find out next.

How Much Does Window Motor Replacement Cost?

Window motor replacement costs typically range between $200 and $300. This includes both the cost of the replacement motor parts and the labor

The actual power window repair cost can vary based on factors like your vehicle’s make and model and the complexity of the job. The replacement typically takes around 2 to 2.5 hours.

Note: You may also have to undergo a window regulator replacement if it fails, and its cost can range from $200 to $800. 

Having covered the basics of window motor replacement, let’s tackle any additional questions you may have.

4 FAQs on Window Motors

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about window motors: 

1. How Does a Window Motor Work?

A window motor can be found in any non-electric or electric car with power windows and works by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. 

When you press the window button in your car, it sends an electrical signal to the power window motor, prompting it to start working. The window motor uses electrical energy from the battery to power the window regulator and regulator arms, helping move the power window up and down.

The motor assembly mechanism enables the window glass to move automatically, making it easier to operate them without manual effort.

2. What Are the Symptoms of a Failing Window Motor?

If your window motor assembly is failing or malfunctioning, you might encounter the following problems:

3. What Are the Common Causes of Window Motor Failure?

Regular wear and tear of the motor and regulator assembly is often the main culprit behind window motor failure. This is because when the electric motor is used frequently, it causes the brushes and gears to wear out. 

However, a window motor can also fail due to:

4. How Often Should You Replace a Window Motor?

The window motor and regulator assembly don’t have a set lifespan and can typically last several years before needing replacement. Motor issues are often only noticed when the power window stops working properly. 

If you see signs of failure in your front or rear window, you should get a power window motor or regulator replacement soon. 

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A power window motor and regulator assembly simplify operating the driver or passenger window without manual cranking. But, if it fails due to a bad switch or physical damage, you may experience an intermittent window operation or a complete failure. 

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