Blog Top Car Accessories of 2018

Top Car Accessories of 2018

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If you’re looking to upgrade your driving experience and comfort, we’ve selected some car accessories to help you prepare for anything the road throws your way, as well as make the overall experience safer — and even more fun.

Ztylus Stinger

If you’re involved in an accident, the Stinger by Ztylus can come in handy if your car doors or windows become jammed upon impact. The Stinger can be used to shatter the car window or dashboard, thereby allowing you to exit the car. This device also has a slim, sharp blade on its backside that can slice through a jammed seat belt as well.

Voxx Headrest Monitor

For many car owners nowadays, headrest monitors are essential. But now, you no longer have to buy a car with built-in screens. Voxx monitors are available in a wide variety of sizes that will fit nicely in a wide range of vehicles. In fact, we believe Voxx’s headrest monitors, combined with a Voxx DVD player, are must-haves for keeping young back-seat passengers entertained.

Smartphone Mount

In today’s high-tech world, a smartphone mount can make navigation much less stressful — and the ride a whole lot safer. Rather than constantly gazing down at your phone for directions, you could be using a convenient mount, such as the smartphone holder by iOttie, to keep your Apple Maps or Google Maps app within your line of sight. Not only is the smartphone holder by iOttie one of the top-selling mounts on Amazon, it’s easy-to-install and affordable.

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is a handy accessory that can connect with your smartphone to provide information on the location of your car at all times. Although a GPS tracker is useful for parents and adults wanting to keep an eye on their teens and kids, it could also come in useful if steals your car. The portable GPS tracker by Spy Tec even lets you set up a geo-fence. In case your vehicle goes outside the limits of a predetermined area, it would let you know through an email or text. How great is that? Now you can keep your teenage children safely within pre-determined bounds.

Fobo Tire Plus

When your tires are adequately inflated, they wear more evenly, last longer, and maintain fuel efficiency. Instead of an outdated, handheld pressure gauge to ensure that your tires are adequately inflated, you can use the Fobo Tire Plus system, which utilizes a set of Bluetooth gauges that relay relevant information to your smartphone. Better yet, Fobo Tire Plus can monitor as many as 20 cars.

Mobileye 560

A great consumer safety product that provides drivers with real-time updates, the Mobileye system helps lower the risk of accidents. It features a smart camera installed on your windshield, a display that allows you to view the warnings, and audio alert buzzer. Mobileye’s camera has a built-in computer that can measure the distance between cars, detect if pedestrians are close, and read the speed limit. This smart technology allows your car to warn you if it senses a potentially dangerous situation. For instance, if you are traveling at thirty miles an hour on a road that has a speed limit of twenty-five miles an hour, this system would make an audio alert and an alert on your display.

USB Charger

While you accumulate various car gadgets and accessories, you will require more space to charge all these devices. Fortunately, Scosche’s charger will let you charge multiple devices at once. Although there are many USB hubs that have more ports, this charger is very popular due to its budget-friendly price and low profile. It’s a terrific addition to your car. No matter what you do to improve your driving experience, what’s most important is that you have a car that meets your driving needs.