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Top 5 Most Romantic Cars in Movie History

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Love is in the air — and it smells like burned rubber and gasoline?

As a trip to the movies continues to be a staple Valentine’s date, we thought it would be fitting to draw up a list of the top five most romantic cars in movie history.

You can call it love at first sight as these five rides have managed to rev up our hearts while cruising onto the big screen.

1. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe — Dirty Dancing

Image source: iStockPhoto

Nothing gets the gasoline flowing like the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. Featured in the classic film Dirty Dancing, the Chevy Bel Air became the bad boy of the 1980s car scene. The Bel Air Coupe first sold in the US for around $1,741, but now goes for a staggering $100,000 in mint condition (if you’re lucky to find one for sale.)

While many audience members hold the memories of Jonny Castles’ mesmerizing moves close to their hearts, us gearheads will never forget the first time this beautiful machine rolled onto the screen.

2. 1963 Volkswagen Beetle — Herbie

Image source: Pexelbay

The 2005 Disney film Herbie was a revamped version of the 1968 classic “The Love Bug” — notoriously named after its famous cast member, the 1962 VW beetle.

The word “love” is tied closely to the image of the spritely little Beetle due to its popularity through the 70s. And thanks to movies like Herbie, the younger generations can appreciate its influence as well.

Fun fact: Volkswagen disapproved of Disney’s use of the car in the film. As a result, all VW badges and logos were removed from the Beetle for filming, which we bet you only noticed now!

3. 1946 Hudson Commodore — The Notebook

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The Notebook is genuinely a movie to remember and continues to spark romance in the lives of its viewers.

We’re talking, of course, about love at first sight when the 1946 Hudson Commodore made its star appearance. This vintage masterpiece was produced between 1946–1952, making its debut in the 2004 film, over half a century later, even more magical.

The model used in The Notebook featured a 128HP 8-cylinder engine which sure got our hearts revving. It’s a shame we couldn’t see more of it through all the tears.

4. 1912 Renault Type CB – Titanic

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Although it only made a few-second cameo at the beginning of the film, the 1912 Renault type CB coupe earned its spot on this list by starring in one of the most romantic films in history!

The 1997 romantic drama was a rollercoaster of emotions, to say the least, and set high standards for love and romance in the years to follow. Through the laughs, tears, and suspense of the film, many people marveled at the great rise and fall of the Titanic.


We marveled at how people used to drive without ABS and power steering. Great movie, though!

5. 1976 Toyota Corona Station Wagon – When Harry Met Sally

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

So, the 1976 Toyota Corona probably won’t make your jaw drop. It has the curves of a piece of paper and the color of baby food. The 1976 Corona may not be a looker, but it makes up for it in personality!

It featured a 2.2L 20R SOHC 2-valve motor which produced a humble 96HP at 4800 rpm!
That’s just about enough to put a smirk on your face.

Featured in “When Harry Met Sally,” the Corona station wagon perfectly resembles the energy of the film and holds a place in many hearts.