Blog Cars and COVID-19 These People Went Viral Using Their Cars During Quarantine
Cars and COVID-19

These People Went Viral Using Their Cars During Quarantine

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What do we need more than ever right now? Good news! There’s no telling when life will be back to “business as usual”. However, people all over the world are trying to make the most of this new normal…and their efforts are making millions smile!

One handy tool for social-distancing outside of our homes are our cars. This mobile self-quarantine container has been a saving grace for millions struggling with cabin fever. From healthcare worker appreciation and drive-by birthdays, to quarantine concerts and truck-bed dates, these folks have used their cars for good, while going viral in the process.

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Neighbors Share A Beer 

Wisconsin neighbors Trevor Reinke and Eric Trzcinski live across the street from each other, and social distancing was getting in the way of one of their favorite social activities – sharing a beer. Trzcinski had the clever idea to share a beverage with his buddy using the help of his remote control car, dodging life-sized traffic in the process. “[The] idea came to me on my drive home from work Friday night.” Trzcinski shared on his Facebook page. “What started as just a joke/surprise to my amazing neighbor Trevor Reinke somehow went VIRAL!??? I told him to start recording when my garage door opens and just like that 3.7M views in 32hrs!”

Student Teacher Visits

Parents around the world are quickly realizing how under-appreciated teachers have been. Not only do they educate the future leaders of the world, they keep them entertained for eight hours a day, five days a week. Aside from these two superpowers, teachers create special bonds with their students, and their absence is being felt. Heather Kestila shared this video of local teachers driving through her neighborhood to visit their young students. “The teachers from Robertson Elementary drove through our neighborhood today so they could see the kids,” she wrote, insinuating that the act brought tears to her eyes. Teachers slowly passed her home, waving and blowing kisses while her elementary-aged daughter waved back yelling hello to each of her teachers by name.

First Responders Honor Healthcare Workers

All over America, the men and women who are often on the front-lines of disaster have been acknowledging the first-responders of the COVID-19 pandemic – our healthcare workers. From New York City to Fort Meyers, and Sheboygan to Los Angeles, firefighters and police officers are lining up outside hospitals with signs and sirens blazing to show their appreciation for the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives and sacrificing their physical and emotional health to keep their communities healthy and alive.

Drive-By Birthday Parties

One of the biggest bummers of quarantine life is not being able to celebrate special days like birthdays and graduations with our loved ones. If there’s any tradition that continues after lockdown is lifted, it should be drive-by birthdays! Boys and girls of all ages have been celebrated by caravans of friends, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, and extended family members who have banned together to plan celebratory parades packed with balloons, signs, honking, and cheering! For example, one unsuspecting woman smiled and laughed with joy when her friends surprised her on her 60th birthday with a drive by birthday party.

Mobile Date Night

South Carolina couple, Walt Perkowski and Dionna Bauer, told the news they were, “tired of wearing their pajama pants.” The pair decided to get creative with their date night and prepared a table for two in the bed of Perkowski’s truck. Parked in front of some of their favorite Bluffton restaurants, Captain Woody’s and Agave Side Bar, they ordered takeout and enjoyed a meal together dressed in something other than pajamas. “We’re just trying to have a little fun and laugh a little bit in some trying times,” Perkowski told The Island Packet. “I hope people do things like that.”

Photo from original article on IslandPacket.com

A Quarantine Concert 

If Walt and Dionna had been in Los Angeles, they might have had everything you can ask for in a date night, including a live band!  Singer Tanner Howe, and his family, worked together to bring some entertainment to their neighbors. “My Family and I got tired of sitting at the house looking at each other,” Howe shared with his YouTube subscribers. “So we decided to put together a surprise show for a couple of close friends and family members, while still maintaining a safe social distance.” Onlookers held signs saying “We will get through this together!” while dancing, singing, and tearing-up to Howe’s cover of, “Can’t Stop The Feelin’” by Justin Timberlake.