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Synthetic Blend Oil (What It Is + Benefits + Oil Change Intervals)

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Synthetic blend oil is an affordable alternative to fully synthetic engine oil. 

But why would you choose it over conventional mineral oils and synthetic motor oils? 
What are the benefits of using synthetic blend oil

In this article, we’ll explore synthetic blend oil to address these questions. We’ll also look at how to choose the right synthetic blend and how often to change it

This Article Contains: 

Let’s begin!

What Is Synthetic Blend Oil?

Synthetic blend oil (also known as semi synthetic oil) is a type of engine oil used as a lubricant to protect various engine parts.

Synthetic blend oil contains a blend of regular oil (conventional motor oil) and several additives. 
Semi synthetic oil includes both natural and synthetic additives, which benefit from the economy of conventional oil and the high quality performance of synthetic motor oil.

It’s also important to note that both conventional (mineral oil) and synthetic oils contain refined crude oil. 

In synthetic oils, the crude oil is further refined and chemically engineered to extract more impurities, creating a synthetic base oil. The combination of these oils in a synthetic oil blend makes it great for a number of applications.         

Synthetic blend motor oil is ideal for the following functions:   

Synthetic blend motor oil is obviously versatile. 
But is it any better than mineral oil or full synthetic motor oil? 

Let’s find out.

4 Benefits Of Using Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend oil has a range of benefits over conventional motor oil. 
It also makes for a more practical choice over fully synthetic oil. 

Here’s why:

1. It’s Cost-Effective And Economical 

Compared to synthetic motor oil, synthetic blend oil is far more affordable. You can also regularly get a synthetic blend oil change without having to worry about the high costs of fully synthetic oil. 

2. Better Oil Life

Synthetic blend motor oil has a better oil life than conventional oil. While traditional mineral oil can go about 3000-5000 miles without an oil change, synthetic oil blend has a lower oil consumption and can go about 5000-7500 miles on average. 

3. Better Protection Against Engine Wear

Synthetic blend oils contain conventional mineral oils, synthetic engine oils, and various synthetic additives. This enables it to perform better than regular oil and provide superior engine protection against friction and wear

Synthetic oil blend has a better viscosity than regular oil, due to the addition of synthetic base oil. It also contains fewer impurities as compared to conventional mineral oils, thus giving better performance in most engine parts.

4. Better Suited For Heavy-Duty Use

Conventional oil doesn’t last long under high temperature and pressure. 

Synthetic blend oil, on the other hand, (due to the combination of traditional and synthetic base oils) performs far better, making it perfect for heavy-duty use.

Keeping these benefits in mind, it is safe to say that synthetic blend oil is a smart choice for your vehicle.

But why would you choose it over full synthetic oil?

Why Choose Synthetic Blend Oil?

Synthetic blend oil is far better than mineral oil in terms of its performance and resistance to friction. It has many qualities that most fully synthetic oils contain, yet offers better fuel economy. 

It also acts as a stepping stone to switch to fully synthetic oil for your car. If you’re unsure which type of oil to use, a synthetic blend is a practical choice to start with.

Synthetic blend oils also offer a better oil life, and let you go longer than conventional motor oil without needing an oil change. 

Remember to consult your manufacturer’s manual for the right kind of oil for your car. For example, an older engine with high mileage may require a high mileage oil for better performance. 

Next, how do you pick the right synthetic blend oil for your car? 

How To Choose The Right Synthetic Blend Oil?

Synthetic blend oil is usually recommended for light trucks and cars that require heavy-duty protection against friction. But it’s a great choice for passenger cars too.

While choosing a synthetic blend, remember to take a look at the viscosity grade of the oil. Oil viscosity is the ability of the oil to flow at various temperatures. 

The lower the viscosity grade of the oil, the faster it will flow
Always ensure that your oil viscosity is compatible with your vehicle. Most importantly, make sure that synthetic blend oil is the right choice for your vehicle. 

For example, one of the most popular oil viscosity grades is the 5W-30.

Let’s take a closer look:

When unsure, let your car manual decide the kind of lubricant you will be using for it! 
Some cars (or light trucks) may always require synthetic lubricants (especially synthetic blend oil), while others can be flexible.

Whatever the case, make sure you perform routine maintenance and frequent oil changes too. Let’s take a closer look at that.

How Often Should You Change Synthetic Blend Oil?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing your car oil every 3000 miles. 

However, synthetic blend oil can go as long as 7500 miles (sometimes even more) without needing a synthetic oil change.

Synthetic lubricants, like synthetic blend oils, contain additives that help improve the car’s fuel economy and shelf life.    

But the oil change frequency also depends on your driving habits and car model. Newer cars might reach up to 10,000 miles without changing their oil, while older engine cars likely need more frequent oil changes. 

You may also want to be on the lookout for signs you need to change old oil. 
Darker, sludgy oil or a change in oil viscosity is one clear indicator.

If you notice an increase in oil consumption, that’s another sign to get a synthetic oil change. This could be due to an oil leak or old, ineffective oil. 

Whenever any of these signs turn up, replace your synthetic blend oil with new oil. Maintain a regular oil change interval and get any oil leak checked soon. 

Closing Thoughts

The kind of lubricant you use will have a large impact on your car’s overall performance. Synthetic blend oil is a popular choice with light trucks and SUVs, but it’s also suited for everyday use. 

It gives you most of the benefits of fully synthetic oil with the affordability of conventional oil.

However, one important part of using semi synthetic oil is getting a routine synthetic blend oil change. While you can perform a synthetic oil change by yourself, it’s probably simpler to reach out to a professional for assistance with your oil change service.

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