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How Much Does a Rear Brake Replacement Cost 

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If your car shakes or pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, it might mean your rear brakes are failing.

And when that happens, the smartest and safest thing to do is replace them

But how much does a rear brake replacement cost?
Keep reading for a detailed cost breakdown of rear brake replacement. We’ll also highlight the importance of this service and help you spot signs of rear brake failure.

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How Much Does a Rear Brake Replacement Cost?

Here are the estimated costs for replacing the rear brakes:

A. Range 

If your vehicle has disc brakes on the rear, the brake replacement service will involve changing the brake pads and rotors, which typically costs between $250 and $500 per axle.

This includes: 

Note: Some older and smaller economy cars may feature drum brakes on the rear, consisting of brake shoes and drums. So, if your vehicle’s drum brakes require replacement, you can expect to spend between $275 and $400.

B. Factors Affecting Cost

Rear brake replacement costs vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model and the quality of the parts (original or aftermarket).

Other factors include:

Is It Worth Replacing the Rear Brakes?


Rear brakes are key to keeping your vehicle in control and stable during heavy braking or on slippery roads. Worn-out brake pads can throw off the balance, risking a rear wheel lockup that could lead to a skid.

Additionally, since rear brakes also act as parking brakes, worn components can weaken the parking brake system. This can be risky if you park on a slope.

Signs You Need a Rear Brake Replacement

Some indicators that might suggest you need rear brake service are:

  1. High-pitched or grinding noises when braking
  2. Car shakes upon braking 
  3. Reduced parking brake effectiveness
  4. Brake imbalance — car pulls to one side
  5. Soft brake pedal
  6. Illuminated ABS light or brake warning light

How Long Do Rear Brakes Last?

Rear brake pads and rotors are designed to last around 30,000 to 70,000 miles

Since the front brakes handle about 70% of a car’s braking power, they tend to wear out more than the rear brakes. 

However, most cars’ rear brake pads are designed smaller than the front ones, causing them to wear out at the same rate. Mechanics generally advise replacing all brake pads at once to maintain proper braking. 

That said, the lifespan of rear brakes can vary depending on your:

What’s Cheaper to Replace: Front or Rear Brakes?

Front and rear brake pad replacement can cost the same, depending on the type of pad used.

However, a rear brake service might cost more because the rear brakes are integrated with the parking brake and are harder to access. The brake repair service cost can also increase if you need a brake caliper replacement.

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