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P0572: Cruise Control / Brake Switch A Circuit Low

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What does the P0572 code mean? And what are the possible causes?

In this article, we’ll explain what P0572 is, its symptoms, and highlight an easy way to get this trouble code resolved

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Let’s dive in. 

What is Code P0572? 

The P0572 code is a generic diagnostic trouble code (DTC) generated by the central computer of your vehicle, which is the engine control module (ECM). 

This code is defined as “Cruise Control / Brake Switch ‘A’ Circuit Low” and indicates a malfunction in the cruise control or brake switch

The letter “A” can refer to a particular wire, connector, harness, and so on. To figure out which component the “A” is tied to, your mechanic will need to look up the appropriate vehicle service manual and possibly the car’s wiring diagram. 

What Does Code P0572 Mean?

The P0572 code means that your ECM has detected a low voltage from the brake switch circuit. When this happens, the ECM will likely disable your cruise control. 

What Triggers The P0572 Code Issue?

The root cause of the P0572 code can either be a mechanical or electrical malfunction, and is often a combination of issues. 

Here’s a look at some of the more common causes: 

Now, what are some of the symptoms associated with code p0572? 

Symptoms Associated With Code P0572

You’ll likely encounter some of these symptoms when you notice the P0572 code:

Is The P0572 Code Critical?

On its own, no — the P0572 code isn’t critical. 

It doesn’t affect the driveability of your car as it only indicates a malfunction in the cruise control system. Your worst-case scenario here is no cruise control. 

However, the real answer depends on the cause of the DTC. 
If your rear brake switch isn’t working correctly, the rear brake light won’t turn on when you press the brake pedal, compromising your road safety. 

Things like a bad connector or contact pin can create an unstable electrical connection — resulting in an intermittent P0572 code. When this happens, the DTC may come and go as long as the root cause isn’t resolved. 

To be safe, always have your DTC diagnosed by a professional mechanic who’ll cover all the bases. 

How Is The P0572 Diagnosed?

Your mechanic will begin the diagnosis by reading the stored codes with a scan tool. They’ll then test drive your car to see if the DTC returns.

If the code returns, they’ll inspect the brake light switch (located at the brake pedal) for any mechanical problem or necessary adjustments. 

Though the brake light switch is often the problem, other likely culprits need to be ruled out as well. They may also test each fuse, check the wiring harness, or the ECM to eliminate possible causes one by one.

How Is the Code P0572 Fixed?

Replacing a faulty brake light switch is the most common fix for the P0572 code. 
However, other repairs could be: 

Now, what’s the best way to get your P0572 code resolved?

The Easiest Solution To P0572 Code Problems

You’ll want a reliable, expert mechanic or dealer to diagnose your problems and conduct thorough repairs. 

That’s why, when looking for a mechanic, make sure that that they:

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Now that we’ve covered the basics of the P0572 code, let’s look at some FAQs.

4 P0752 FAQs

Here are some answers to four questions you may have.

1. What’s A DTC?

A diagnostic trouble code is a code generated by the onboard diagnostics (OBD) system of a car or bike engine. It’s sometimes called the OBD code or engine fault code and helps pinpoint the cause of a particular problem. 

Note: OBD-II is the second generation of onboard self-diagnostics.

2. What’s A Generic DTC?

A generic DTC means that the code indicates the same problem for any vehicle, regardless of the car models. The OBD-II code will reflect the same issue in an Audi, Chevrolet, or even a Kia.

3. What’s The ECM? 

The engine control module (ECM) is the central computer of the car. It monitors different sensor arrays and switches related to engine functionality. 

It’s also known as the:

4. What’s The Brake Switch?

The brake switch (or brake light switch) is a switch linked to the brake pedal and ECM circuit. It’s mounted on the brake pedal arm. 

It has multiple functions, from releasing the automatic transmission lever from ‘park’ to   activating the brake light. It deactivates cruise control while driving and lets the engine start when the brake pedal is depressed.

Final Thoughts

Diagnosing DTC codes isn’t as straightforward as it looks, so if you see the P0572 code pop up, get a mechanic to look at it. 

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