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P0522: Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Low Voltage

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What does the P0522 code mean?
And if your car has this code, what are its symptoms?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the code P0522 — from its meaning, causes, severity, and a convenient solution for it

We’ll also answer some FAQs for your better understanding of this OBDII code.

This Article Contains

Let’s dive in!

What Is Code P0522?

Error code P0522 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) defined as “Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Low Voltage.”

It’s a generic OBDII powertrain code indicating one of two things:

This can happen for multiple reasons, such as a faulty oil pressure sensor, faulty sensor circuit, wrong oil, or low oil level.

Note: Since code P0522 is a generic code, it applies to all vehicles with an OBDII system, built in and after 1996. However, certain repairs can be specific to your car model, where your mechanic will have to take a peek at the car’s service manual and wiring diagram.

What Does The P0522 Code Mean?

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Engine Control Module (ECM) controls your car’s sensors and other electronic components.

Among these is the oil pressure sensor (also known as oil pressure sender), used to detect oil pressure in the engine. This sensor sends this information as a voltage value to the Powertrain Control Module when it detects low oil pressure.

When the Powertrain Control Module or ECM receives this voltage signal, it sets the P0522 code. As a result, the low oil warning light on the instrument cluster will light up.

Pro tip: Common car makes that set this code, when the engine oil pressure is low, include Chrysler, Buick, Honda Motor Company, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Jeep. So if you own any of these cars, you’ll have an idea of what’s wrong and prepare for troubleshooting. 

What Causes Code P0522?

There are many potential causes for the error code P0522. 
Some of them include:

With these code P0522 triggers in mind, let’s check out the symptoms to help you confirm the code.

What Are Code P0522 Symptoms?

The first symptom is obviously the stored error code. But, apart from it, you may see other code P0522 symptoms, such as: 

But is this code serious? 
Let’s find out.

Is The Error Code P0522 Critical?

The answer is yes and no. 
The error code P0522 can be very critical or trivial, depending on the problem’s source.

The good news is, in most cases, the fault is electrical. It can be a short in the wiring, a bad wire harness interrupting the signal, or a damaged oil pressure sender or sensor unit. 

However, it’s bad news if the code has been saved for a while and there’s actual low oil pressure. That’s when the car trouble is serious since it can permanently damage the engine.

So if you notice low oil pressure, pull over and turn off the car ASAP. Then call a mechanic for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing the problem.

How Is The P0522 Code Diagnosed?

Your technician or mechanic may implement the following steps to diagnose this code:

Now that the diagnosis is made, how is this error code fixed?

How Is The Code P0522 Fixed?

While checking every wiring and connector associated with this code’s issue, your mechanic may have spotted signs of wire harness damage, wire loose connections, corrosion, etc. After troubleshooting, they’ll repair or replace each damaged wire or the wiring harness as needed.

If the mechanic finds that the engine oil pressure sensor doesn’t test at the right voltage, they’ll replace it. This is a very common repair for P0522.

And finally, if there are any, they’ll repair all damages caused by actual low oil pressure.

What’s A Convenient Solution To Code P0522?

It’s not easy to tell if your OBDII system set the code P0522 for a minor electrical issue or actual low oil pressure. So it’s best to presume that the issue is critical and get it checked by a professional.

Lucky for you, you won’t have to drive to a repair shop, worrying about damaging your engine on the way.

Instead, just call for AutoNation Mobile Service. They’re a convenient mobile vehicle maintenance and repair solution that can fix your code P0522 wherever you are.

Here’s why you’ll love AutoNation Mobile Service:

How much will it cost?
AutoNation Mobile Service will normally charge $95-$125, depending on your location, for an OBDII code diagnosis. 

After the diagnosis, if you wish to go ahead with the necessary repair, like replacing a faulty sensor or wire, the diagnosis fee will be applied to the final repair cost. 

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Let’s now look at 3 FAQs about this code:

3 FAQs On Code P0522

Here are some FAQs on error code P0522 that you might want answers to:

1. What Is Low Oil Pressure?

Your car’s engine oil is responsible for ensuring all moving parts inside an engine are protected and well lubricated. 

When the oil flows through the openings within the engine for lubrication, pressure builds. This pressure helps the oil reach all engine parts and corners. 

Now, if this pressure isn’t sufficient, that’s when you have low oil pressure. In such a situation, engine metal parts will touch each other, causing friction and damage. If the oil pressure keeps dropping, eventually, your entire engine could break down, and you’ll need a replacement. That’s why the correct engine oil pressure is important.

2. What Is A PCM?

PCM stands for Powertrain Control Module but is also known as Engine Control Module (ECM) or Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It’s basically your vehicle’s brain.

The ECM monitors most of the sensors, ensuring that your car runs at optimal performance. It regulates four central car operating systems — air-fuel ratio, idle speed, ignition timing, and variable valve timing.

3. Where Is The Oil Pressure Sender Located?

The oil pressure sender is typically positioned in the engine block or the cylinder heads. 

However, there is no strict industry standard for the placement, so you may find the oil pressure sender placed in different locations in different cars.

For example, the oil pressure sensor on the 2007 Buick Terraza is located on the lower front of the engine, right above the oil filter.

Final Thoughts

An error code P0522 can appear for several reasons, but there might not be a clear indicator of what causes it. The easiest way to diagnose and resolve this code is by getting a professional’s help. 

Your simplest troubleshooting solution is to reach out to AutoNation Mobile Service

AutoNation Mobile Service will send their best technicians to your doorstep to fix your P0522 code. They’ll help you out with any car repair you may need, including an oil change, a faulty sensor replacement, or a faulty wiring replacement. 

And if you’re concerned about specific needs your car may have, AutoNation Mobile Service can perform repairs irrespective of whether you own a Chevy, Jeep, Buick, or Chrysler.

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