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Don’t let its compact size fool you. Our vans are small, but mighty.

…mighty efficient!

Our vans weren’t just designed for our mechanics to cruise around town in style. While they’re definitely good for that, our vans were designed with a purpose – to deliver quality car repair straight to your driveway.

Coming in at just 86 square feet, our vans are chock full of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to perform about 85% of car repairs right in your driveway. While there are many things that make AutoNation Mobile Service unique (see awesome mechanics, easy online booking, fair pricing, and the list goes on), our vans are definitely our MVPs. From oil changes to brake jobs to hose repairs and even more complicated repairs, our vans are equipped to handle most repairs a car owner might need.

The  OG – Our Box Truck Prototype

It goes without saying, everything we do at AutoNation Mobile Service, we do to make our customer’s lives easy. And that means making sure we have everything we need to deliver top notch service. So, when it came to designing our vans, we jumped at the chance to build something truly special. Enter, our Chief Commercial Officer Felix-Mattias Walter and Director of Delivery Operations Adam Ragab who rolled up their sleeves and got to work to build a one-of-a-kind shop on wheels.

Their vehicle of choice? A big ol’ 15 feet box truck, of course!

The idea was to start big with as much storage space as possible to accommodate all the tools and equipment necessary for any repair. As they say, go big or go home. And we definitely went big at your home.

From floorboards to plywood walls, mounting hardware to shelving units, and all the best tools and equipment you can imagine, Felix and Adam spent countless days and nights designing and building out our prototype.

Our first repair truck under our pilot brand name, Servus.

The Upgrade – Our Shiny New Wheels

Our vans you see today are far more sleek and agile than their clunky (but functional!) predecessor, the box truck. Today, our fleet includes Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, and their more compact counterparts, the Metris.

Figuring out how to fit the tools and equipment from the box truck into a van nearly half its size was no small feat, but through our experience with the box truck, we were able to better understand the range of repairs most car owners need.

In order to maximize every square inch, we custom-fitted our vans with shelving and drawers for optimal storage and organization. Taking into account all the different shapes and sizes of small items like lubricants to large equipment like air compressors, we definitely tapped into our Tetris-skills to find a place for everything.

From there, we carefully curated our tools. With state-of-the-art hand tools, diagnostic equipment, and power tools, our mechanics have access to everything they need to get the job done right. After all, our vans are like their sidekicks, and what good is a sidekick if they don’t come ready to pack a punch?

Talk about an upgrade! We’ve come a long way from the ol’ box truck.

Where’s Felix?

Things actually might get a bit confusing at our office as we continue to add vans to our fleet.

“Did Felix get his new tools in?”

Nope. We’re not referring to our CCO Felix, but rather, Felix our van.

AutoNation Mobile Service commemorates the one-year anniversary of our employees in a special way – with a van-naming ceremony.

So, keep an eye out because you might just see Joel, Felix, Beth, Roberta, and Kenneth cruising around town in Los Angeles or the Bay Area, and Jonrobert and Amanda coming to a city near you soon!

Looking good, Robert!