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Hyundai Tucson Maintenance Schedule

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This Hyundai Tucson offers a perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and safety, making it an ideal choice for both city commuting and weekend getaways. However, to ensure that your Hyundai Tucson continues to deliver optimal performance and reliability, regular maintenance is essential. With AutoNation Mobile Service, keeping up with the Hyundai Tucson maintenance schedule has never been easier. Our expert technicians provide convenient, on-site service that ensures your Hyundai remains in prime condition.

Hyundai Tucson Service Intervals

Maintaining your Hyundai Tucson according to its service schedule is crucial for your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency. Below is a detailed guide that outlines the services your Hyundai Tucson needs and when they should be performed:

Every 7,500 Miles

Every 22,500 Miles

Every 97,500 Miles:

Every 120,000 Miles

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