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How Many Spark Plugs In A V6 Engine? (+5 FAQs)

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How many spark plugs in a V6 engine?
Is that something you’ve asked yourself, especially when needing to replace your plugs?

The number of spark plugs in your vehicle’s engine usually depends on the number of cylinders. Most V6s have one spark plug per cylinder — so six spark plugs total. 

However, that’s not always the case. 

There can be more than six of these tiny electrodes in your six cylinder engine. But knowing exactly how many can be tricky. 

So, in this article, we’ll discover how to tell the number of spark plugs in your V6 engine. We’ll also answer some FAQs about spark plugs — like how much it costs to replace them, what happens if you don’t replace them, and more.

This Article Contains:

How Many Spark Plugs In A V6 Engine?

Whether you have a V6 Mustang, a Dodge Charger, a Nissan, or an Alfa Romeo, the number of spark plugs in your V6 depends on the type of engine. Most V6s have six spark plugs — one for each cylinder. 

However, some have a twin spark engine with two spark plugs per cylinder — making it twelve in total.

To confirm, check your owner’s manual to tell the number of spark plugs and type of engine you have. Or just visually inspect your engine bay for an answer.

Here’s how to check for yourself:

With that said, let’s check out how many spark plugs some specific car models with V6 engines have:

Car ModelNumber Of Spark Plugs In V6
Mustang6 spark plugs
Ford Explorer 6 spark plugs
Dodge Charger6 spark plugs
Chrysler 3006 spark plugs
Mercedes Benz M Class12 spark plugs
Toyota Tacoma6 spark plugs
Honda Accord6 spark plugs

Note: Mercedes Benz and Alfa Romeo, in particular, are known for having twelve spark plugs in their older V6s. 

If you still can’t tell how many spark plugs your car model has, it’s best to consult your auto parts dealership or a professional mechanic.

With that in mind, let’s look at some common questions about spark plugs.

5 FAQs About Spark Plugs

Here are some FAQs and their answers about spark plugs:

1. What Is A Twin Spark Engine?

The twin spark engine has a dual ignition system — meaning two spark plugs per cylinder. Alfa Romeo invented the twin spark technology in 1914 to provide a cleaner burn (better fuel economy) in their racing cars.

However, a spark plug replacement in a dual ignition system will be costlier to fix as there are more plugs, and the engine is more complicated. 

2. When To Replace Spark Plugs?

The ideal time for a spark plug replacement depends on the type of spark plug your car’s engine has.

Check your car owner’s manual to see what type of plugs you have.

Large quantities of carbon or oil deposits on your spark plugs are good indicators of a bad spark plug, regardless of mileage. And a bad spark plug is likely to trigger your check engine light — so don’t ignore it!

3. How Much Will It Cost To Replace Spark Plugs In My V6 Engine?

The cost of replacing spark plugs is primarily determined by the type of spark plugs and the auto parts distributor you choose.

A conventional copper spark plug will cost around $6-$10. So, you’ll be looking at about $36-$60 excluding labor costs for a conventional V6 engine.

A platinum spark plug or iridium spark plug will cost around $15-$30, so replacing these long life spark plugs will cost around $75-$180 — excluding labor.

Obviously, if you have a twin spark engine, you’ll have to replace double the amount of spark plugs. So, you’ll pay $72-$120 for copper spark plugs and $150-$360 for a platinum spark plug or iridium spark plug replacement job.

Note: Cheap aftermarket plugs cost more in the long run due to their bad fuel economy. So it’s always recommended you buy Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM plugs.  

4. What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Spark Plugs?

Symptoms associated with faulty spark plugs include:

If these tiny electrodes or any electrical connector linking them to the ignition system are faulty, they may misfire and can’t do their job. As a result, they won’t ignite the air and fuel mixture in each cylinder’s combustion chamber.

Note: If the throttle body in your car needs cleaning, it’s probably causing similar issues.

5. How To Replace Spark Plugs?

Here’s a quick DIY guide to changing spark plugs:

Remember, it’s always better to let a professional mechanic handle any repairs, especially if you don’t have any car repair experience. 

Final Thoughts

There can be 6 or 12 spark plugs in your V6, depending on your engine and car model. 

If your spark plugs are damaged, you could experience difficulties starting your car, increased fuel consumption, increased emissions, and damage to other engine components.

Luckily, buying a new plug and changing spark plugs is a relatively easy DIY job — just ensure you use the right tools. And if you require any help with your V6 or V8 engine, reach out to AutoNation Mobile Service!

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