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Honda Civic Maintenance Schedule

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The Honda Civic is synonymous with reliability and efficiency, and has become one of the most trusted vehicles on the road. Its affordability, fuel efficiency, and design versatility make it a favorite choice amongst a wide range of drivers, especially first-time car buyers. This popularity makes regular maintenance not just a suggestion, but a necessity to preserve the Honda Civic’s reputation for longevity and reliability. With AutoNation Mobile Service’s mobile car repair service, maintaining your Honda Civic has never been more convenient.

Honda Civic Service Schedule

Routine Maintenance – 7,500 Mile Service or Every 6 Months:

Intermediate Maintenance – 15,000 Mile Service or Every 12 Months:

Major Maintenance – 30,000 Mile Service or Every 24 Months:

Long-Term Maintenance – 120,000 Mile Service:

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The Honda Civic, while renowned for its efficiency and reliability, still requires regular maintenance to operate at its best. With AutoNation Mobile Service’s mobile repair services, we bring the service center to you. Whether it’s routine maintenance or more intensive repairs, trust AutoNation Mobile Service to keep your Civic reliable for years to come.

If your Honda Civic is due for maintenance, schedule a mobile service with AutoNation Mobile Service and experience the benefits of our convenient mobile repair services. We’ll service your Honda Civic on-site, saving you a trip to the repair shop, and allowing you to go about your day uninterrupted by car troubles.