Blog Ford vs. Chevy: Which Brand Has Bragging Rights

Ford vs. Chevy: Which Brand Has Bragging Rights

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The Ford vs. Chevrolet  rivalry has been raging for a century. Fans of each brand love to have arguments over which is the best in each category of product, quality, and service. For more heated rivalry comparisons check out our article on what to look for in a vehicle.

About Ford and Chevrolet:

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Which has better prices and value, Ford or Chevy?

Price and Value: Ford and Chevy tied.

Ford vs. Chevy: which is more reliable?

Reliability: Chevy wins

Which has better interior design, Ford or Chevy?

Averaging the interior scores earned in our reviews gives Chevrolet’s lineup a slight advantage.

Interior Quality: Chevy wins

Which brand, Ford or Chevy, has a better safety record?

Ford and Chevy both need to up their game in crash safety and features. Asian brands dominate here.

Safety: Chevy wins

Which is the better compact pickup, Ford Ranger or Chevy Colorado?

Compact Pickups: Ford wins. 

Full-size Pickup Truck: Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado?

Full-Sized Pickup Trucks: Ford wins

Which brand has the best Sub-compact Crossovers, Ford or Chevy?

Sub-compact crossovers is an increasingly important category in the auto industry because they are supplanting small affordable sedans as entry-level vehicle.

Sub-compact Crossovers: Chevy wins. 

Which brand, Ford or Chevy, sells the best Compact SUVs?

Compact SUVs: Ford wins

Which brand has the best Midsize SUVs

Ford’s crossovers and SUVs are the stars and center of the Ford showroom these days.

Midsized SUVs: Ford wins

Which brand has the better Large SUVs, Ford or Chevy?

Large SUVs: Ford wins 

Which has the best entry-level vehicles, Ford or Chevy?

Entry-level vehicles: Ford and Chevy tied.

Which brand is better for Midsize Sedans?

Mid-sized Sedans: Ford wins.

Ford or Chevy for Large Cars?

Large Sedans: Chevy wins 

Which is the better sports car, Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro?

Buying a sport coupe usually means you have extra money and want to reward yourself.

Sport Coupes: Ford wins

Charge! Which brand, Ford or Chevy, has better hybrids and EVs

Both companies are in transition here when it comes to hybrids and electric vehicles. Ford is phasing out the Focus EV and and Fusion Energi , as well as the hybrid and EV C-Max, and making way for new hybrids and EVs.

Hybrid and EVs: Chevy wins 


For more than 100 years, Ford and Chevy have competed in the showroom and racetrack. For all of that time, consumers have cross-shopped the vehicles in both stables. Each brand in the Ford vs. Chevy rivalry has a legion of very loyal buyers. In our grading and ratings, Ford won one additional category over Chevy, while they tied in two categories. Overall Decision: Ford wins!