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Ford Ranger Maintenance Schedule

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Maintaining your Ford Ranger is the best way to make sure it performs efficiently and reliably throughout the year. At AutoNation Mobile Service, we specialize in mobile maintenance for Ford Ranger trucks, bringing professional service and repairs directly to you, wherever you need us. Understanding the Ford Ranger maintenance schedule and following its recommended service intervals can significantly improve your trucks performance, safety, and overall lifespan.

Ford Ranger Maintenance Items

To keep your Ford Ranger running at its best, several routine maintenance tasks need to be performed. Here are some of the key maintenance items included in the Ford Ranger maintenance schedule:

Ford Ranger Service Intervals

Ford recommends servicing your Ford Ranger every 10,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first. Every single service includes an oil change and tire rotation, with additional items at different intervals. There are five distinct intervals in total, which repeat throughout the life of your truck. Here is a list of the different services intervals and when they occur:

Every 10k Miles

Every 20k Miles

Every 30k Miles

Every 100k Miles

Every 150k Miles

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AutoNation Mobile Service makes maintaining your Ford Ranger easier than ever. By bringing the service to your doorstep you save precious time and effort, helping to take the stress out of truck repairs. Our mobile technicians are equipped with the latest tools and expertise to perform these comprehensive maintenance items wherever it’s most convenient for you. Contact us today and schedule your next Ford Ranger service with AutoNation Mobile Service.