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Chevrolet Colorado Maintenance Schedule

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At AutoNation Mobile Service, we provide expert mobile maintenance and repair services to Chevrolet Colorado owners, ensuring your trucks remains reliable and performs at its best. In this post we’ll go over the Chevrolet Colorado maintenance schedule in detail, including its recommended maintenance items and service intervals.

Chevrolet Colorado Maintenance Items

Maintaining your Chevrolet Colorado involves a series of routine checks and services that address various aspects of the vehicle. Here are some of the common services included in the Chevrolet Colorado maintenance schedule:

Chevrolet Colorado Service Intervals

Every 7,500 Miles or 6 months

Every 22,500 Miles or 18 months

Every 45,000 Miles or 3 years

Every 90,000 Miles or 6 years

Every 150,000 Miles or 10 years

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