Blog CarDash – Bringing Auto Service into the 21st Century

CarDash – Bringing Auto Service into the 21st Century

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Article formerly published by CarDash. The ideas and opinions presented in this article are solely those of CarDash and do not reflect the ideas and opinions of AutoNation Mobile Service.

Getting your car repaired is a stressful experience.

Am I getting a fair price? Do I even need this service? How long will I have to wait while it’s being fixed? How will I get to work or pick up my kids without my car?

It’s not easy to get answers to car repair questions. Talking to a mechanic can range from irritating to downright intimidating. Scheduling is a pain. You’ll lose hours just taking your car in and picking it up. It’s no wonder so many people push off maintenance and delay taking care of basic safety recalls.

CarDash is bringing auto repair into the 21st century. We pick up your car from home or work and take it to a CarDash Certified Service Center. We oversee the work on your behalf and typically return the car the same day. We don’t just make your mechanic experience more convenient — we let you skip the mechanic completely.

CarDash Pricing: Upfront and Transparent

Our pricing is upfront and transparent. We serve as your advocate to make sure you’re never overcharged or sold an unnecessary service. We take care of the entire car repair process — at a price that is about the same or less than you’d pay the mechanic down the street.

We can deliver better service at lower prices by bringing auto maintenance into the modern age and leveraging new technologies, competitive marketplaces, and logistical efficiency to upgrade the outdated auto repair industry.

Why We Started CarDash

How did we come up with the idea for CarDash? A frustrating experience with a leaky sunroof.

A few years ago, I took my car in for service 8 times for a leaky sunroof. I never got the leak repaired, but I lost a lot of time and got plenty of lousy customer service. I consistently ran into service advisors who didn’t care, mechanics who weren’t honest, and poor customer service rivaled only by airlines. My experience is the norm for the auto repair industry. It doesn’t have to be.

Before I became an entrepreneur, I served as a Marine Corps Officer and as an Army Special Forces Officer. One of my co-founders served in Marine Corps Special Operations and in Delta Force. We know what it means to serve, and we are passionate about offering great service — something that is desperately needed in the auto industry. After all, the only people less trusted than Members of Congress are car salespeople.

We believe that trust, convenience, and value are the hallmarks of any successful service, and those are the pillars on which we are building CarDash.

Time to Upgrade Auto Repair Service

We are on the verge of a major transformation in our relationship with the automobile. Connected cars, self-driving cars, mainstream electric vehicles, and new economic models of car ownership are all coming within the next decade. These could bring about a transportation revolution as disruptive as the adoption of the automobile itself. We don’t know how or when these changes will unfold, nor do we know which technologies will triumph.

We do however know that all cars on the road will need to be serviced, regardless of who owns them, who drives them, or what powers them. By leveraging technology, logistical efficiency, and above all — superior service, CarDash aspires to become the service platform for the automotive industry of tomorrow.

Taking care of your car doesn’t need to be a painful or archaic experience. If your car needs maintenance, repair, body work, or even just a car wash… give CarDash a try and see how the magic happens.