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Brake Light Replacement Cost: Pricing Factors (+Is it Urgent?)

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Flashing red warning light on your dash? 
You may need to replace your brake lights. 

But how much do mechanics charge for the service?

Read on to find out the brake light replacement cost, the urgency of the service, and whether you should do it yourself. 

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How Much Does Brake Light Replacement Cost?

Here’s the cost estimate for a brake light bulb replacement:

A. Range

Mechanics might charge between $15 and $170  to replace a brake light

This includes: 

Note: Some mechanics may charge a flat fee instead of an hourly rate, leading to the extensive cost range you see above. 

B. Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of a brake light bulb replacement can vary based on:

  1. Vehicle compatibility: Brake light bulbs must be compatible with your vehicle’s make, model, and year. They can cost more for certain vehicles.
  2. Bulb type: An LED bulb costs more than a halogen bulb.  
  3. Bulb brand: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car bulbs are costlier than aftermarket ones.   
  4. Labor charge: Your mechanic’s labor rate can vary based on location and establishment, affecting affordability. 

Is it Worth Replacing the Brake Light?

Short answer: Definitely! 

When you press the brake pedal, your brake lights inform drivers behind you that you’re going to slow down or stop. Without them, you’re likely to:

Signs You Need a Brake Light Replacement

Schedule a brake light replacement if you notice:

  1. Dim lights when you brake
  2. An illuminated brake warning light (or dashboard message)
  3. Delayed brake light response when you hit the brakes
  4. The brake lights don’t work

How Long Do Brake Lights Last? 

Your brake lights’ lifespan can depend on their quality, susceptibility to moisture damage, and wear and tear from frequent braking.

Halogen car bulbs may last for about 1,000 hours. An LED bulb brake light can last for around 25,000 to 50,000 hours or more. 

3 FAQs about Brake Light Replacement

Here are answers to common queries around brake light replacement:

1. What Is a Brake Light?

Brake lights are red exterior lights at the back of your vehicle. They light up when you apply the brakes (hit the brake pedal), indicating to others that you’re slowing or stopping. 

2. Why Do Brake Lights Fail?

Your brake lights may not work due to these reasons:

3. Can I Replace a Broken Brake Light Myself?

Yes, you could replace a broken brake bulb yourself if you’re familiar with the tail light assembly.  

However, it’s best to call a mobile mechanic if you’re unsure about handling this auto repair process. Although it costs slightly more than a DIY, a mobile mechanic will ensure the exterior lights work as needed. 

Here’s what the mechanic would do:

  1. Disconnect the car battery and let the bulbs cool.
  2. Open the trunk to access the faulty brake light assembly.
  3. Rotate the brake light bulb holder (socket) counterclockwise and pull it (with the bulb) into the trunk.
  4. Remove the brake light bulb from the holder.
  5. Apply dielectric grease on the brake light bulb socket.
  6. Place the new bulb into the bulb holder.
  7. Test if the brake light issue is fixed. 

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A working brake light helps keep you and others safe on the road. That’s why it’s best to replace a faulty brake light ASAP. 

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