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All You Need to Know About Brake Fluid Leak Repair Cost

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Noticed yellow-brown puddles or stains underneath your car?
This symptom of a brake fluid leak won’t be the last of your worries. 

Contaminated brake fluid corrodes the brake components and leads to expensive repairs if you don’t fix it ASAP. 

But how much does a brake fluid leak repair cost?

Keep reading to discover the price range, signs indicating a leaking brake fluid, and the steps you can take to prevent these leaks. 

This Article Contains:

How Much Does a Brake Fluid Leak Repair Cost?

Let’s break down the cost of brake fluid leak repair:

A. Range

Fixing a brake fluid leak costs between $150 to $700. In some cases, it reaches $1000, depending on the faulty part: 

B. Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of this brake repair service depends on your vehicle’s make and model, the labor rates in your area, and the number of components that need replacement. 

However, other factors also impact the price:

Is It Worth Fixing a Brake Fluid Leak?

Yes, repairing a brake fluid leak is necessary to prevent dangerous issues, like loss of braking power or complete brake failure.

Here’s why:  
A low brake fluid level or air in the brake fluid reduces the hydraulic pressure necessary for brake functioning, increasing your stopping distance. 

Fluid contamination from debris entering through the leak can corrode other brake components, leading to expensive repairs. 

5 Signs You Need a Brake Fluid Leak Repair

Here are some common issues associated with a brake fluid leak:

  1. Yellow-brown puddles under your car
  2. A spongy brake pedal 
  3. The brake pedal drops to the floor 
  4. An illuminated brake warning light 
  5. Complete brake failure 

How Long Do Brake System Components Last? 

While your braking system typically lasts 15,000 to 70,000 miles, individual brake components have varying lifespans:

Why do these components deteriorate?
Several factors wear out these brake components, like: 

How to Prevent Brake Fluid Leaks?

To keep your brake system in top condition and prevent brake fluid leakage:

Put the Brakes on Fluid Leaks with AutoNation Mobile Service

A brake fluid leakage decreases your car’s braking ability and degrades its components. You should fix any leaks immediately to ensure your safety and prevent additional costly repairs. 

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