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Guide to Brake Fluid Change Cost (+How to Maintain It?)

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You’ve probably been driving with a spongy brake pedal and an illuminated ABS light, knowing you need to change that old brake fluid. But it’s unsafe to ignore these signs, especially when a brake fluid exchange is economical.   

Let’s check out the brake fluid change cost in detail and some signs signaling bad brake fluid. We’ll also share tips to help maintain your car’s brake fluid levels.

This Article Contains:

How Much Does Brake Fluid Change Cost

Here’s a detailed breakdown of brake fluid exchange cost:

A. Range

The average cost of a brake fluid flush service is between $60 to $120.

This includes:

B. Factors Affecting Cost

Besides the fluid cost and labor charges, here are some other factors that affect your final bill: 

Note: Brake fluids have a specific boiling point and viscosity due to which they cannot be mixed. Mixing them can affect the braking system and deteriorate the performance of your new brake fluid.  

Is It Worth Replacing the Old Fluid?

Yes, you should replace the fluid at recommended intervals. 

A regular brake fluid flush ensures the hydraulic fluid can handle the pressure of the braking system and make your drive safe.  Regularly changing brake fluid also helps lubricate critical parts of the system and reduces the chances of corrosion. 

However, if you don’t change the contaminated brake fluid, it can lead to issues like:

Note: A corroded brake caliper can develop cracks and leak brake fluid. Without it, the caliper will struggle to press against the brake rotor. In other cases, the caliper can get stuck, wearing out your brake pads, rotors, and tires. As a practice, get a tire rotation and an alignment service while changing brake fluid.  

Signs You Need a Brake Fluid Replacement

Here are a few symptoms of bad brake fluid to watch out for:  

  1. Poor braking performance
  2. Weird noises and a burning smell when braking
  3. Discolored brake fluid
  4. Brake fluid leak

If you notice any of these, call a mechanic to schedule a comprehensive brake repair service. It usually includes inspecting the brake pad, master cylinder, brake line, etc.

How Long Does the Brake Fluid Last? 

Ideally, you should change the brake fluid every 2 years or 30,000 miles. However, if you often brake hard, your car’s brakes will heat up, causing the system’s hoses to crack and expose the brake fluid to air, water, and rust particles.  

Continuous exposure to these elements can lead to moisture build-up and contaminate the fluid, making it acidic and deteriorating its lifespan. 

So, ensure you add fresh brake fluid periodically for stable braking performance. 

How to Maintain Your Car’s Brake Fluid?

To make your car’s fluid last longer, you should: 

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