Blog Best Used Cars (Selected by a Pro)

Best Used Cars (Selected by a Pro)

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The best new cars always make the best used cars. They’re well-built, reliable, practical and fun-to-drive. But some are better than others. Here are our picks for the seven best used cars in alphabetical order.

Honda Accord

This sedan has been one of America’s best selling cars for decades. It’s spacious, fun-to-drive and reliable. The versions built between 2008-2017 are exceptional values and offer large backseats. The Accord was available as a stylish two-door coupe.

Honda Civic

The smaller Honda Civic is also spacious for its size. It also has a reputation for reliability and it’s extremely fuel-efficient. Over the years it was offered as a sedan, a hatchback and a sharp looking coupe. Si models offer impressive performance.

Honda Fit

The incredibly fuel efficient Honda Fit is a great choice If you’re shopping for a small hatchback. The four-door offers the most interior space in its class and its cargo space will shock you. This is another Honda known for its reliability.


Larger than the Honda Fit, the Mazda3 is another hatchback with a wonderful combination of space, performance and fuel economy. It was also offered as a sedan with a traditional trunk. Mazda just introduced an all-new version of the Mazda3, so older models are strong used car values.

Toyota Camry

This has been the best selling car in America for years, so there are millions of them to choose from. Camrys are comfortable, roomy and reliable. And used examples in good condition are very affordable. They’re one of the country’s best used car values.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota has also sold millions of Corollas over the last 10 years and older models are some of the country’s best used cars. The small sedan is durable and very reliable. They also get excellent fuel economy and they have room for five passengers.

Toyota Prius

If you’re looking for the ultimate in fuel economy, shop for a used Toyota Prius. The country’s best-selling hybrid gets about 50 miles to the gallon and they’re extremely reliable, with batteries proven to last over 200,000 thousand miles. The Prius is also a hatchback so they offer plenty of cargo space.


Take your time when shopping for the best used cars and buy the one with the lowest mileage you can find in your price range. It’s also always best to see a car in person to take a test drive, and always ask for a vehicle history report.