Blog Best Mother’s Day Gifts for a Busy Mom’s Car

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for a Busy Mom’s Car

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Chances are, your mom has seen it all. From bad dreams and scraped knees to woeful prom dates and countless missed curfews, she’s been there with you during the best of times and the worst of times. Sure, you’ve forked over cash for gift cards and scented candles. You’ve even created a cringeworthy coupon book for “unlimited hugs.” But this year, maybe it’s time to bump it up a notch. Now that you’re all grown up, gift your mother with something cool and cutting-edge — not frilly and flowery. Gear up her ride with the latest gadgets! She just might give you unlimited hugs in return.

1. AKASO Dash Camera

Nothing gives a lady peace of mind like feeling safe behind the wheel. Help get her there with a dash camera from AKASO. The AKASO Dash Camera records video in full HD and snaps 12 MP photos. Its powerful Sony sensors capture rich detail that’s displayed on a three-inch screen. Mom will love how its 170-degree mega-wide-angle view monitors four lanes with ease. Another plus? The Emergency Accident Lock. The dash cam locks videos of incidents automatically, which can help determine responsibility in the event of a dispute. Also, no more wondering who nicked her ride in the Kohl’s parking lot. The camera has a parking monitor and motion-detection function, so if someone messes with her car, it’s recorded. Safe ’n secure? Done and done. For about $50.

2. Premium Heated Travel Mug

You’ve managed to wean your mother from that $5 chai tea latte habit, but how about keeping her homemade matcha warm on the road? That’s where a heated travel mug from RoadPro comes in super handy. It plugs directly into a car’s 12-Volt power port, fits standard drinking cups, features five temperature settings, and has a non-spill lid. It holds a hefty 15 ounces of hot liquid, which means that you can ensure mumsie gets to her water-aerobics class with a warmed-up cuppa joe in hand. The RoadPro Mug retails for about $40.

3. ZUS Smart Car Charging Hub

Mothers are swifthanded — from whipping up dinner to unearthing a soccer uniform under a mound of sports equipment. So, get her something she could use to speedily charge her phone on the go — a ZUS Smart Car Charging Hub. The ZUS hub re-powers two high-wattage devices at their fastest speeds — up to twice as faster as an average car charger, according to the manufacturer website. It also acts as a car locator, thanks to the free ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App (available for both Android and iOS). Simply open the app to find your car with the Map or Compass feature. Gone are the days where mom gets stranded with shopping bags, at a loss as to where she parked her car. It’ll set you back about $27.50.

4. Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

Long lost quarters. Forgotten French fries. Missing M&M’s. They’ve all fallen irretrievably into a place called “the carmuda triangle” — otherwise known as the between-seat abyss. Enter the Drop Stop Gap Filler: a simple gizmo that easily fits between your car seat and console that keeps stuff from dropping between your seats. It’s constructed from black neoprene casing, which acts as a streamlined gap blocker. And, it’s nearly invisible once installed. It attaches via the seat-belt catch and moves with the seat. The filler will most definitely keep mom from fumbling around for her dropped phone, which is always a good thing. It sells for about $10.

5. PURGGO Natural Car Air Freshener

Skip the coconut sprays and sugary spritzes. Mom doesn’t need to fill her car with cloying sweetness to remove that smell of stale food or wet dog. Instead, gift her with a natural-scented car air freshener from PURGGO. What makes this freshener such a breath of fresh air is what it isn’t. It’s not a spray, a gel, a scent bomb, nor an ionizer. It contains no fragrance or chemicals. PURGGO is made from 100% bamboo charcoal that naturally absorbs odors. The porous materials act like a big sponge, absorbing the stench of stale coffee or fried chicken in a pinch. As air passes through, odor particles get trapped on the surfaces inside. Best of all? The PURGGO Car Air Freshener is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It lasts for about 365 days, which means mom can have a sweet smelling Mom’s Day in 2018 and 2019 — all for around $20. So now that she’s not schlepping little ones around anymore, these gifts are sure to help her hit the road in style. [adrotate banner=”103″]