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Battery Cable Replacement Cost: Everything You Need to Know

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Struggling to start your car? 
It could be your old battery cable. If it’s worn, it can’t deliver enough electrical power needed for a smooth start. 

But how much does it cost to replace the cable? 

Worry not!
Read on to review the battery cable replacement costs and the factors influencing it. 

This Article Contains:

How Much Does a Battery Cable Replacement Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of estimated expenses for replacing a bad battery cable:

A. Range

A replacement, which includes swapping out your faulty positive and negative cable, will cost between $320 and $410.

This includes:

B. Factors Affecting Cost

The cable replacement cost can vary based on your vehicle’s model, cable brand, and repair location. It’ll also depend on the: 

  1. Cable thickness: Most cars use a 6-gauge battery cable. The lower this number, the thicker the cable and higher the costs. 
  1. Cable type: There are four types of battery cables, SGR, SGX, STX, and SGT. Each cable has a different insulation material, use, and price. SGR cables are usually the most expensive, while SGT is the most affordable one.  
  1. Cable manufacturer: You’d pay more for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts than for aftermarket cables. However, OEM parts usually last long. 

Is It Worth Replacing the Battery Cable?

Yes, your battery’s positive cable carries electrical power from the battery to the starter motor and alternator. This power is returned to the battery through the negative cable to complete the circuit, helping your car to start and keep it running. 

However, deteriorated insulation or corrosion of the battery terminals (consisting of a positive and negative terminal) can prevent the cables from doing their job. Eventually, your charge will drain, leading to a dead battery.

Signs You Need a Battery Cable Replacement

A few symptoms indicating that it’s time to get a new battery cable include:

  1. Slow starter cranking 
  2. Battery dies often
  3. Damaged cables or a corroded negative and positive terminal
  4. Electrical components not working
  5. Rotten egg odor in the car
  6. Clicking sound when the key is turned and the engine won’t start

Note: A bad battery cable can also trigger the check engine light. This happens when a faulty negative or positive cable causes the battery to malfunction. 

How Long Does a Battery Cable Last? 

A car battery cable can last between 31,000 miles and 62,000 miles. Its lifespan depends on the cable quality, the condition of battery cable terminals, and the external environment. Driving often in hot climates can also deteriorate your cable’s lifespan.

Can I Replace the Car Battery Cable Myself?

Although you could replace bad cables, you shouldn’t since it’s risky.

The replacement requires disconnecting and reconnecting the negative and the positive battery cable in a specific sequence. If done wrong, you risk getting an electric shock and damaging the battery. 

And that’s not all!
Mishandling the batteries may spill sulfuric acid, which can cause skin and eye irritation.   

So, it’s best to call an auto repair mechanic to replace the old battery cable.    

How to Maintain a Car Battery Cable?

Here are some ways you can prolong the use of your new battery cable: 

  1. Clean each battery cable and terminal connector regularly.
  2. Apply a silicone-based dielectric grease that prevents corrosion buildup on the battery terminal.
  3. Schedule maintenance services as recommended to inspect the cables and battery.
  4. Park the car under shade to protect the battery and cables from extreme heat

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