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AutoNation Mobile Service vs. YourMechanic

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When it comes to mobile mechanic services, a quick Google search reveals many options. From your neighborhood handyman to your local mechanic who makes house calls to professional mobile mechanic services, at-home car repair has never been easier. In just the past few years, many professional mobile mechanic services have sprung up to revolutionize the car repair industry. Two of these companies are YourMechanic and AutoNation Mobile Service. How do these companies stack up against each other? And which should you choose to service your vehicle?

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Founded in 2012, YourMechanic is a mobile mechanic service provider that connects car owners with vetted mechanics to save them a trip to the auto shop. The company operates in most major cities and provides numerous on-site services such as oil changes, brakes, belts, heating and A/C, diagnostics, and more. Car owners can get upfront pricing and book appointments directly through the YourMechanic mobile app or website.

YourMechanic website

Founded in 2018, AutoNation Mobile Service may be newer to the scene, but they’re showing up in a big way – by providing car owners with the first full-service mobile car repair solution. What does this mean? This means that not only do they employ expert technicians and offer a wide range of mobile repair services, but if your car requires shop-level tools, they’ll bring your car to one of their certified shops and back to you when the job is complete. Car owners can get upfront pricing and book appointments directly through the AutoNation Mobile Service website.

AutoNation Mobile Service website

Booking, Appointment Availability, and Service Warranty – Tied

Before diving into their differences, there are actually a few similarities between AutoNation Mobile Service and YourMechanic.

Easy Online Booking

The first thing that comes to mind when booking a mobile mechanic service is ease. Car problems are a huge inconvenience, so time is often of the essence when it comes to car repair. So, how easy is it to book an appointment with these two companies?

Both YourMechanic and AutoNation Mobile Service have easy-to-use websites that allow you to search for the exact service your car needs. Choose from a long list of services, such as an oil change, spark plug replacement, battery replacement, or something more specific.  If you’re not sure what you need, you can simply describe the symptoms, and their customer support will assist you further.

YourMechanic and AutoNation Mobile Service both offer easy online booking through their website.

Appointment Availability

Easy online booking is one thing, but appointment availability is another. Because what good is a mobile service if it takes days to book an appointment? In testing a few different common repairs, both AutoNation Mobile Service and YourMechanic turned up several available time slots – including some next day appointments!

Select appointment slots that work best for your schedule.

Service Warranty

Warranties offer peace of mind, and fortunately, both YourMechanic and AutoNation Mobile Service stand behind their work with a 12-month, 12,000-mile service warranty. So, you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong with the repair, they’ll send someone back out to inspect your car and make sure it runs smoothly.

Convenience – Winner: AutoNation Mobile Service

There is no arguing that mobile car repair is the way of the future. In fact, these companies are proving it’s the way of the present! While mobile mechanics can certainly perform a lot of services directly in your driveway, there are some limitations. For example, engine and transmission work often require shop-level tools such as a lift.

The main difference in YourMechanic and AutoNation Mobile Service’s service offerings is that AutoNation Mobile Service offers a concierge service should your car require a visit to the shop. They have vans equipped to tow your car to one of their certified shops and back to your home when the job is complete.

YourMechanic, on the other hand, does not offer towing. So, if their technician is unable to repair your car in your driveway, well…chances are you’re back on your own.

If your car requires shop-level tools, AutoNation Mobile Service can tow it to one of their certified shops and back to you when the job is complete.

Quality of tools – Winner: AutoNation Mobile Service

Tools matter. Ever try to cut a steak with a butter knife? Exactly.

AutoNation Mobile Service technicians have arguably some of the best tools in the business. The company is backed by Daimler AG, one of the most successful automotive companies in the world, which means they take quality parts and tools very seriously. Each technician is equipped with a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz van chock full of a wide variety of quality tools. Their latest vans even include oil tanks for oil changes and tire machines. All of this is important in ensuring that the technicians can a) complete a wide variety of jobs on-site, and b) perform quality work without the risk of damaging parts, or worse, your car.

A sneak peek inside one of AutoNation Mobile Service’s state-of-the-art repair vans.

YourMechanic technicians are contractors which means they operate with their own vehicles and set of tools rather than company-provided vehicles and tools. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t well-equipped to perform most jobs in your driveway, it does leave some room for uncertainty. They may not have all the tools necessary to complete your repair, which could result in a delay, and their tools might not be of the best quality, which could result in possible damage to your car.

On-site experience – Winner: AutoNation Mobile Service

So, you’ve booked your appointment, and now you’re eagerly awaiting the mobile mechanic’s arrival. You might imagine that the experience will be similar to that of other at-home services such as a visit from the cable company, where a uniformed technician arrives in a company vehicle.

And you’d be right if you booked an appointment with AutoNation Mobile Service. You can expect to see their signature blue van pull up and a neatly uniformed technician. When the service begins, their technicians are trained in keeping worksites clean by protecting surfaces with spill mats and disposing of fluids and other waste properly. They also come equipped with canopies to protect the vehicle from any potential rain or extreme heat.

AutoNation Mobile Service ensures a clean and effective worksite.

Similarly, YourMechanic technicians are trained to keep clean worksites and dispose of fluids and waste properly. It’s important that the fluids from your vehicle don’t stain your driveway or make their way into the sewage. However, given that YourMechanic technicians are contractors who operate their own vehicles, ranging anywhere from sedans to minivans to pick up trucks, there is no guarantee that they’ll have all the necessary equipment on-hand to keep a clean worksite or protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions.

Final Roundup

Comparison between YourMechanic and AutoNation Mobile Service

In comparing top mobile mechanic services, YourMechanic and AutoNation Mobile Service, both companies are viable options if you’re looking for convenient at-home car repair. Appointments are easy too book through their websites, and they stand behind their work with a 12-month, 12,000-mile service warranty.

However, there are a few factors that make AutoNation Mobile Service truly stand out in the crowd. These factors include overall convenience, quality of tools, and on-site experience. When it comes to overall convenience, AutoNation Mobile Service is a full-service company that offers both mobile and shop repair options. In terms of quality, they have some of the best tools and equipment in the business. And lastly, when it comes to the on-site experience, they’re tough to beat with their level of professionalism, efficiency, and cleanliness.

Ultimately, as a car owner, choosing a trustworthy mechanic is crucial to increasing the longevity of your car and maintaining your peace of mind. Both YourMechanic and AutoNation Mobile Service are dedicated to making this easier with their convenient mobile mechanic services.