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Are Jeeps Reliable? Learn The Truth Before Buying

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While the Jeep has made a splash in today’s generation of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, its unique features and mixed customer reviews have left many wondering: are Jeeps reliable? What makes the Jeep such a widely debated model of vehicle? 

Below, we’re covering everything that you need to know about whether Jeep Wranglers are reliable or not, as well as other models of Jeep cars. We’ll also be diving into what type of Jeep vehicle is the most reliable, so you know exactly what to look for on your next lot visit. 

Why Are Jeeps So Unreliable? 

If you’ve seen any of the brand’s reviews online, drivers are reporting a wide range of reliability and functionality issues–ranging from malfunctioning or easy-to-break parts, performance issues, and electrical issues on models made in 2014 or later.  

This, coupled with the rise of “travelspo” accounts on socials prompting many to be Jeep-driving nomads and wanderers have led to an uptick of questions around the reliability of Jeep Grand Cherokees, as well as other popular models from the brand. 

This begs the question–why are these models so unreliable? Many car enthusiasts are supposing that compromised electrical systems and low-cost parts are a large part of the issue, resulting in a weaker end product frequently pushed to the limits by off-roaders and travel geeks. 

If you’re thinking of buying one or you’re already having issues with your own, then having a reliable Jeep mechanic near you is a must. For extra convenience, you may opt for a mobile mechanic that can diagnose and even perform some repairs right in your driveway.

Do Jeeps Have A Lot Of Problems? 

Compared to other brands, Jeep has been flagged as one of the more risky car brands to trust–regularly clocking in at mid-level for professional reliability ratings across a number of trusted auto websites. Compared to sleeker off-road options or daily drivers, it just doesn’t compare or build the same trust as other brands can. 

Due to the repeated mechanical failures, it seems that Jeep may have compromised on certain elements of construction to streamline their overhead costs. This, coupled with the lack of aesthetic appeal and unfriendly MPG rating make Jeep far less popular than other auto brands. 

Are Jeeps Long Lasting Cars? 

Jeeps are considered average as far as longevity is concerned, and have been estimated to last between 100,000 and 250,000 miles per vehicle. As with any car, this can be both extended or shortened based on the style of driving and available maintenance opportunities over the lifetime of the vehicle. 

What Jeep Is Most Reliable? 

While Jeep has had some admitted missteps in the 2010s, the brand has worked to come out with more reliable options, which may suit you depending on your driving needs. 

The U.S. News has rated the Compass and the Wrangler (models 2018 and later) as 7-10 on the reliability index when it comes to buying used Jeep vehicles.

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