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AGM Battery Cost Explained (+ Is It Worth Your Money?)

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If you own a car with complex electrical demands, you’ve probably considered getting an advanced lead-acid battery like Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). 

But is the battery’s cost holding you back?

If yes, let’s put your thoughts to rest and examine AGM battery costs in detail. We’ll also explore why installing the battery will be worth your money.  

This Article Contains: 

How Much Does an AGM Battery Cost?

Here’s what you’ll pay for a new AGM battery: 

A. Range

The average cost of an AGM car battery is between $120 and $480.

B. Factors Affecting Cost

Your vehicle’s model and the battery installation charges can affect the final bill. Other factors that influence this cost include: 

Is It Worth Replacing Your Current Battery with an AGM Battery?

Yes, you can make the switch if you’re comfortable investing in a costlier battery type. But first, you must ensure that your vehicle: 

  1. Uses a standard flooded battery or an enhanced flooded battery (EFB)
  2. Is compatible with an Absorbed Glass Mat battery or sealed lead-acid battery
  3. Has a charging system that maintains 14 to 15 volts while recharging

If your car checks the above boxes, you can upgrade to an Absorbent Glass Mat. This SLA battery is ideal because it:

Looking at its benefits, an AGM battery seems worth the investment. But if you’re unsure whether it’s compatible with your car, you can consult a mechanic to verify. 

Note: AGM batteries aren’t compatible with electric cars that typically use a lithium battery to power the motor. Even when used in some electric vehicles like medical carts, they serve for additional power requirements. Deep-cycle AGM units from ReLion Battery and Fullriver Battery are usually popular choices for such vehicles. 

Signs You Need a Battery Replacement

Here are a few signs indicating it’s time to swap your old battery for a new one:

  1. Flickering interior lights and headlights
  2. Illuminated battery warning or check engine light
  3. Starting troubles
  4. Inconsistent performance of electrical components
  5. Rotten egg or sulfuric odor inside the cabin
  6. Corroded or broken battery terminals
  7. Bulging or ruptured battery case

How Long Does an AGM Battery Last? 

AGM car batteries can last up to seven years compared to standard flooded batteries, which have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. 

However, your charging habits and usage can affect your car’s battery life. For example, undercharging or overcharging an AGM battery will slowly deteriorate its lifespan. You may also shorten the battery life by frequently driving in high temperatures (above 77° F). 

Can I Install the AGM Battery Myself?

No, you shouldn’t

Installing the battery requires you to:

  1. Take safety measures and clean the terminals
  2. Lift a battery that may weigh between 25 lbs and 50 lbs
  3. Recalibrate the battery management system 
  4. Use the correct battery chargers and voltage to charge the new battery
  5. Ensure the new battery fits perfectly in its place
  6. Dispose of the old battery at a battery recycling facility 

Even a minor error can cause your car’s electrical system to malfunction. 

Moreover, many AGM batteries require professional installation for the warranty to remain valid. Any DIY attempt might void the warranty. So, it’s best to let an expert handle it.

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