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Car Care Advice

5 Care Tips To Prepare Your Call For Fall

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1. Maintenance Checks

Regular maintenance = fewer repairs.

Important fall maintenance checks include:

2. Service The Cooling System

Fall is sweater weather for a reason!

Servicing your cooling system will help your car’s heating function properly. Doing so will prevent a malfunctioning heater core or windshield defroster. 

3. Fix The Battery 

Do you know who hates the colder fall weather?

Car batteries. 

They require more energy to perform in these temperatures. Cleaning the battery terminals and fixing connections before fall will help you avoid electric and starting issues.  

4. Replace Broken Lights

Fall usually means less daylight and visibility.

So, ensure these lights function properly:

If they don’t, it’s best to get them replaced.

5. Fix Windshield Wiper Issues

Replace your windshield wiper blades if they don’t run smoothly. 

You can’t have all those fall leaves piling up there!

Get Your Car Fall-Ready Now!

The best way to be fall-ready is to have one of our expert mechanics check your car and perform the necessary replacements.

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