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Toyota Tacoma Maintenance Schedule

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The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most well-respected and popular trucks in the USA. Its relatively compact size, impressive utility, and well-known reliability make it an excellent choice for drivers around the country. One of the most important aspects to its reliability, however, is a strict adherence to the Toyota Tacoma maintenance schedule. This list of service items is a roadmap to ideal vehicle health, helping you keep track of upcoming services before they become problems.

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Toyota Tacoma Service Intervals

5,000 Miles or Every 6 Months:

10,000 Miles or Every 12 Months:

15,000 Miles or Every 18 Months:

30,000 Miles or Every 36 Months:

60,000 Miles or Every 72 Months:

100,000 Miles or Every 120 Months:

120,000 Miles or Every 144 Months:

Additional Maintenance Items

If you regularly drive off-road, tow with your truck, or leave your truck idling for extended periods of time, the standard Toyota Tacoma maintenance schedule may need to be amended. In addition to the items listed above, each service may include these additional items:

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By regularly maintaining your Toyota Tacoma you can help ensure its reliability for years to come. Thanks to the Toyota Tacoma maintenance schedule, planning for this preventative maintenance has never been easier. Simply check your mileage or refer to your last service to help determine your upcoming service needs. When the time arises, simply schedule a mobile service appointment with AutoNation Mobile Service and get your Toyota Tacoma back on the road in no time.