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Tesla Model X Maintenance Schedule

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As a Tesla Model X owner or prospective buyer, it’s essential to understand the maintenance requirements of this state-of-the-art electric SUV. In this Tesla Model X maintenance schedule we’ll delve into the specifics to keep your Model X running smoothly and efficiently.

The Tesla Model X, like other Tesla models, is designed with fewer moving parts than conventional combustion engine vehicles. This streamlined design, coupled with high-grade materials, means less frequent and lower-cost maintenance visits. However, there are certain key areas that require regular attention. Fortunately our team here at AutoNation Mobile Service can handle these common maintenance tasks, making Tesla ownership easier than ever before.

Tesla Model X Service Intervals

So what is the Tesla Model X maintenance schedule? According to Tesla, there are several suggested maintenance services that should be performed at specific intervals to keep your Model X properly maintained. Regardless of your mileage, it’s important to always service your Tesla Model X every year to ensure everything is in proper working order.

6,250 Mile Service or 1 Year:

12,500 Mile Service or 2 Years:

18,750 Mile Service or 3 Years:

25,000 Mile Service or 4 Years:

Additional Service Intervals

Starting at 31,250 miles or 5 years, you can expect these services to continue at regular intervals, including tire rotations every 6,250 miles or one year, cabin air filter replacements every two years, HEPA filters every 3 years, AC desiccant bag replacement every 4 years, and brake fluid inspections every two years, replacing as necessary. Additionally, our technicians can check the windshield washer fluid and inspect for any other service issues.

Is It Time to Service Your Tesla Model X?

Remember, this Tesla Model X maintenance schedule is a general guideline. Individual needs may vary based on factors like driving habits, weather conditions, and more. Regular inspections and prompt maintenance are crucial to maintaining the performance and durability of your Model X.

Experience the revolutionary driving experience of the Tesla Model X with the assurance that comes from understanding its maintenance schedule. Annual service is the key to keeping your Tesla Model X in prime condition for years to come. If you need assistance with maintaining your Model X, please contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment with one of our mobile service technicians.