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What Is a Fleet Mechanic? (And Why You Might Need One)

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Do you run an entire fleet of vehicles needing constant maintenance and repair? 
Do you send your vehicles to a repair shop for every random clunk you hear? 

Then it’s high time you get a fleet mechanic (or two) on your crew.
We’ll cover the basics of what you need to know about fleet mechanics and why they’re important to your business. Read on.

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Let’s get started.

What Is a Fleet Mechanic?

Fleet mechanics are technicians that companies hire to care for their entire fleet. On the other hand, a fleet describes a group of vehicles or equipment owned by the same person or company.

A fleet technician’s job is to conduct regular maintenance and repair work on fleet equipment (usually part of a fleet management program.)

Here are the typical duties of a fleet mechanic:

To become a fleet mechanic, you must have certain skills and expertise in automotive repair. These skill sets are helpful when dealing with a wide range of equipment and fleet vehicles.

Here are a few examples of fleet vehicles that a fleet mechanic may need to deal with: 

Some companies have a set of preferred qualifications when it comes to hiring a mechanic. This ensures their technicians have the skills to repair the diesel truck, tractor, or even vehicle electrical systems in their fleet service.

Also, bear in mind that fleet mechanics must be prepared to meet the physical demands the job will require.

But does your business need a fleet mechanic? 
Let’s explore some reasons to have one.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Fleet Mechanic

Labor statistics show that the most common industries for fleet mechanic employment in North America are transportation, manufacturing, and the government (such as public works). However, regardless of what industry your fleet service caters to, a fleet mechanic can help you in many ways. 

From running regular diagnostics on your vehicles to getting emergency engine repair work done, here are some benefits of having a fleet mechanic:

1. Routine Maintenance Ensures Vehicles Are in Top Condition

Fleet maintenance can take a lot of work, depending on the number of equipment and vehicles you have. But, being proactive about vehicle maintenance helps reduce future breakdowns and emergency repairs. 

Having a team of fleet mechanics at the ready offers you the ability to carry out any emergency engine repair immediately. This helps you address any underlying issues you may not notice otherwise — giving your vehicles a longer service life. And because your vehicles are well-maintained, you’ll have better fuel efficiency, too.

2. Keep Employees Safe When On the Job 

If you run a delivery or transportation service, your drivers’ safety is a top priority. Employment of a fleet mechanic is one of the easiest ways to do so. 

How do driver safety and a fleet mechanic relate?
Your mechanic will conduct regular vehicle maintenance checks and conduct necessary repairs. When a vehicle is well cared for, it reduces the chances of getting into an accident caused by mechanical issues. Your drivers will also feel safer when making their rounds.

3. Keeps Business Moving

Fleet maintenance is essential to keep your business up and running.

Having a fleet technician helps keep your vehicles reliable. They’ll ensure that all the vehicles work well and are always ready for the road.  

For example, if your fleet service handles delivery, your vehicles will be more efficient, and as a result, business will be more productive. Plus, your company will earn a better reputation when products get delivered on schedule.

4. Saves Repair and Operational Costs

We get it. Sending your fleet vehicle or equipment for service at a repair shop can be pretty expensive. But having a fleet mechanic can help you cut those costs.

Regular preventive maintenance can help identify and remedy any minor vehicle issues (like an oil change). This reduces the total costs, as minor vehicle repair during routine maintenance is cheaper than an emergency fix.

Here’s a sample situation:
Your mechanic detects an engine oil leak during a routine inspection. Fixing an oil leak is far more affordable than replacing the entire engine — small oil leaks can cause severe engine damage if left unattended. 

Ultimately, preventive maintenance saves you time and ensures your fleet remains operational.

Now, let’s look at the different types of fleet mechanics you can recruit.

What Are the Types of Fleet Mechanics?

When you own various vehicles and machinery in your fleet, sometimes you need a specialized mechanic for a specific vehicle or piece of machinery. As such, the fleet mechanic job description will vary based on expected responsibilities and experience. 

Here are some job description examples:

1. Diesel Mechanic

A diesel mechanic specializes in diesel engine maintenance — such as on trailers and heavy equipment (like construction equipment).

Typical tasks and duties of a diesel mechanic include:

2. Truck Mechanic

A truck mechanic is a skilled mechanic responsible for repairing and conducting preventative maintenance on the mechanical parts of a truck. They may work on a diesel or petrol-powered truck.

Their work includes servicing the engine, wheels, brakes, and accelerator. Becoming a truck mechanic is challenging because of the physical demands and skill sets needed.  

3. Fleet Maintenance Technician

A fleet maintenance technician is expected to have the ability to perform basic mechanical repair and preventive maintenance work on the vehicle. 

These maintenance tasks include:

They also inspect, repair, and replace standard parts of engines and moving components.

4. Small Engine Mechanic

A small engine mechanic handles maintenance inspections, services, and necessary repairs on small motorized equipment. Such mechanics usually specialize in one type of equipment. 

Examples of small engines are: 

5. Fleet Manager

A fleet manager or fleet supervisor directs and manages all tasks related to company-owned vehicles. They’re in charge of a company’s fleet management to help the business run smoothly and accordingly. A fleet supervisor is often responsible for ordering new equipment and tools when their mechanics need them.

Final Thoughts

Performing regular maintenance and vehicle repair can drastically improve the performance of your fleet. Getting a fleet mechanic to check on your vehicles will ensure that your business will always run smoothly.

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