Blog Five Great Father’s Day Gifts for Dad’s New Car

Five Great Father’s Day Gifts for Dad’s New Car

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Whether your dad just dropped coin on a fierce Fiat, a slammin’ Sierra, or a trusty Tacoma, he could use some gear to go with that new set of wheels. And with Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to make the guy who taught you how to drive (or, at least, cheered you on) one proud papa.

Multipurpose Car Tool: Leatherman Rebar

For the gadget lover (those MacGyvers and Phil Dunphys close to our hearts), you can’t go wrong with a Leatherman Rebar. This all-purpose multi-tool is a whopping 17 tools in one! We’re talking knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, a bottle opener and can opener, a file, a saw, and a ruler. Its super compact, lightweight, and has an all-locking feature, which means that every tool and knife will lock when fully opened, keeping Pa safe and the tools securely in place. Another plus is the Rebar’s hefty 25-year limited warranty, which means daddy-o can send it back for a fix up, in a snap.

Travel Cooler/Warmer: BLACK+DECKER TC212B Portable 12V DC Travel Cooler/Warmer

Ok, so football and tailgating season is months away. That doesn’t mean a travel cooler isn’t a stellar Dad’s Day gift. This thermo-electric system from Black+Decker holds 12 cans (or 2.3 gallons of drinks and food), cools down to 40 degrees below ambient temperature, and warms up to approximately 120 degrees — perfect for keeping Pop’s cuppa joe warm in the morning — and his iced tea cool when the mid-afternoon slump creeps in. The Black+Decker Travel Cooler/Warmer plugs directly into his car’s 12-volt DC outlet — or any other 12-volt power supply — and rests on the seat or the floor for simple access. Oh, and if dad needs a little nosh, you can tuck a bag of pretzels into the zippered side pouch. Talk about neat eats.

Emergency Tool Kit: Luxon 3-in-1 Emergency Tool Kit

Nobody wants to see dad in a bind behind the wheel. Give him a little extra sense of security on the road with the Luxon Emergency Tool Kit. This 7-in-1 gizmo pretty much does it all. It’s a window breaker, a seat-belt cutter, a red light for SOS situations, and an LED flashlight. The tool also operates as a USB charger with a backup hand-crank charging system, so if it runs out of battery power, you can wind it up for more juice. It can provide emergency power for most phones too. Since your dad is always looking out for you, isn’t it time you did the same for him?

Glovebox Organizer: SHIMDU Car Registration Card and Insurance Holder

It’s no fun to have a glovebox so messy you could lose a hand in it. It’s enough to ruffle the feathers of even the most mild-mannered father. So get that guy an unfussy glovebox organizer to keep his important documents safe — and within arm’s reach. At 9 inches by 7 inches, it’s the perfect size to hold Pa’s car registration and license — and his new car’s manual (for when he inevitably panics trying to decode a blinking light on the dash). It’s water resistant and compact and can even hold a pen for off-the-charts organization.

3-Port USB Car Charger Adapter: Anker PowerDrive+ 3 Ports

Yep, as much as our parents might not want to accept it, we live in an age where devices are like air — necessary for survival. We need our phones and tablets powered at all times. And when your old man has a packed car with just one USB port, things can get ugly. Stave off arguments with a multi-port USB adapter. This USB adapter from Anker ensures that up to three formerly surly passengers can now chill out and let their devices charge. And dad can get back to regaling everyone with tales of how, in his day, the TV remote was cutting-edge technology.