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Car, Sweet, Car: Your Checklist For A Delightful Car Camping Experience

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You’ve gotta admit – life’s gotten too busy. 

And somewhere between work, deadlines, and more work, we’ve all become hamsters on wheels, spinning away tirelessly.

A digital detox might just be the quick fix to ease our souls, and what better way to connect with Mother Nature than camping? 

If you’re a habitual car camper, or a novice hoping to explore the delights of camping in your car, comfort is indeed a top priority. But to make the most of your car camping experience, it’s essential to prepare well in advance.    

1. Comfortable Camping

Choosing the perfect camping destination is the first thing to check off your list. 

Is your ideal spot rocky, sandy, hot, or wet? 
Does it have basic amenities like a gas station or grocery store nearby? 
Will you be sharing space with other campers or all alone with the stars and wildlife? 

These are some key factors to consider when planning for comfort.

2. Noise Levels      

Depending on your camping style, there is good noise and bad noise. 

Good noise includes things you enjoy hearing that may even elevate your overall experience, like running water, crickets, or the wind blowing through the trees. 

Bad noise could be noisy generators, late-night neighbors, or traffic. 

While looking for the right spot, pick a more secluded campsite with space for each group to enjoy their privacy or late-night laughter without disturbing others. One helpful way to avoid unwanted noise is camping inside your car or van. Consider packing earplugs for nighttime if open-air cots, hammocks, and tents are your vibe.  

3. Camp Furniture      

Funnily enough, camping can involve a lot of sitting or lying around. Between activities like hiking, biking, and swimming, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and sleep by packing the right furniture. 

Some items you could bring:

Sunshine is the best camping weather, but make sure you can get some shade.

4. Sleep Comfort  

Just about anyone can make it through a fun day of outdoor activities, but the real test comes at night. Having comfortable sleeping arrangements might be the most crucial thing you plan if you want to have a great experience. 

Here are a few other tips that will make your snooze more comfortable:

Getting good sleep is just as important as having great fun during a camping trip.

5. Cleanliness

It’s fun to get a little dirty, but sitting in dirty sweat…not so fun. Let’s not forget how you’re also sharing the campsite with flies and mosquitos. 

It may seem like cleanliness is against the almighty camping rules, but a few items to keep you and your stuff clean and tidy will make your car camping experience much more comfortable, not to mention a lot less smelly and sticky: