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Out with the Old, In with the New…Parts!

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We get it. Car repair can be frustrating when it feels like the mechanic is speaking another language. Valves, bushings, bearings, cylinders, belts, and hoses. The list of terms goes on and on.

At AutoNation Mobile Service, we believe in transparency. Not only is this reflected in our upfront, guaranteed quotes, but also in our expert mechanics who are eager to answer your questions!

One question they love the most? To see before and after parts! Because who doesn’t love a good before and after photo? In doing so, our mechanics can clearly walk you through the repair and answer any questions you might have. The more you want to know, the more detailed they’ll be. So, don’t be shy!

Below are a few of our favorite before & afters.


Simply put, the alternator powers the electrical components in your car, like the radio, lights, window switches, USB ports, etc., It also plays the important role of recharging your car’s battery, which is the source of electricity when the car is turned off. When your alternator goes out, you might run into issues with stalling and starting, so it’s best to get it replaced ASAP.

Before & After: Alternator Replacement

Brake Pads

What exactly do brake pads do? Here’s the easy breakdown: When you press on the brake pedal, the master cylinder sends brake fluid to the brake calipers. That pressure causes the calipers to force the brake pads to clamp down on the brake rotors, which then wrestle the wheels to a stop.

When your brake pads are wearing thin, you’ll likely start hearing an oh-so lovely high-pitched screeching noise.

Before & After: Brake Pad Replacement

Control Arms

Control arms are vital parts of your car’s suspension, which makes them very important parts of your car. Your car has numerous control arms, which serve to connect the suspension system to the frame of the car. By doing this, the control arms are able to limit and absorb the amount of force that the car has to deal with. This keeps your ride a lot smoother, while also protecting other parts of your car from unnecessary stress.

Before & After: Control Arms Replacement

Air Filters

Think of your car’s air filter as a bouncer at the club. The air filter keeps those airborne contaminants from entering the engine, which is good for the engine’s health. In the process, it allows your motor to breathe properly. Long story short, the air filter receives air, kicks out the contaminants that are bad for the engine, and lets the motor move along unbothered.

To keep your engine healthy and running at its best, the engine air filter should be replaced per the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, or as soon as it’s apparent that it’s clogged up and not functioning properly.

Before & After: Engine Air Filter Replacement